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Journal of Dr. Cornelius Dinosaur

I had chartered one of the mammal’s boats earlier,  such a stupid
invention!!!! I was convinced we would sink to the bottom any
minute!!!!  Eitherway, we had gone out to the Vernian, as I used
a’reverse periscope’ to vew down below.  I think I may have seen an
object that could have been it!!! my dishwas- er, time machine.  I must
find a way t salvage and repair it, so I can bring the rest of my pack
through and avoid this stupid ‘extnction’ the apes keep mentioning, Not
that I beleive it as anything but a silly ape folklore, much like their
handwringing over this ‘magic’ lately, but it wouldn’t hurt to be
prepared.  Meanwhile I’ve looked into purchasing the empty Footman’s
factory, the small mammal tending to the place has been less than
helpful, fool!!! it does you no good boarded up like that!!!!

had walked around the mammal’s city, entering a local watering hole of
sorts, much diferen’t than the apparant ‘gangplank’, though many of the
same people were in this place, it was much more cave like and
comfortable.  Until some hairless ape insisted I was one of their
mammal suptypes, and caled me a maroon!!! I SHOULD HAVE EATEN HIM RIGHT

Eventually I left , afer having some fairly interesting
beer from the bar-mammal, much different than what we’d make in the
pack, for starters, no tar!!!!

the beer had calmed me down from
my more normal seething rage at the mammals, I will have to see about
one of these ‘submersibles’ soon and hopefully the machine can be

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  1. Jonathon Spires Jonathon Spires September 22, 2010

    Doctor Dinosaur’s wandering’s in our hairy modern world are always a great read. Hopefully if he gets his dishwasher  running, he can get to the future, give the morlocks a good drubbing, and dine on freh eloi.

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