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Journal Entry – We’ve all got gas!

Journal Entry – August 28th 188… *hears the light grashing sound of glass*

*runs to the lower corridor and see’s a worker scratching his head looking at the remains of a cut glass gas chandelier laying shattered on the floor*

“Heck Mista Mornington sur, i didda ken tha yer ceilin didna huv oany wid struts”

(translation for folks who cant read scottish slang…”Well…by jove old chap, rather sorry about the mess here, it seems you forgot to mention that your ceiling wouldnt be able to take the load of this rather heavy glass chandelier)

*I look down at the shattered remains of the second chandelier to fall to the ground today and shake my head*

“It’s awright Angus…u’ll order anither wan fae Hudsin’s”

(translation for folks who cant read scottish slag…”Not to worry old boy!  I shall pop down to Hudson’s Illuminations forthwith and i shall order a new set of lights”

Well…yet another diary entry, this is a record for me, dont usually write in this diary so much.

It’s coming to the end of August.  Already i can smell the faint signs of Autumn in the air, the leaves…or what little leaves there is…are starting to turn that golden brown synonymous with the season.  The nights are slowly starting to draw in just that little bit quicker as well.

Mr Umbrage, my pet Magpie, has vacated his nest high in the clocktower of Brunel and retired to his colder weather nest inside my home in Clockhaven, i must remember to get some hay and branches into his little nest under the roof eaves, otherwise he’ll end up chewing out the stuffing of one of my couches like he did last year…

Still the slow drawing in of the dark night gave me some painfull reminders of one of the problems with running an hotel as large as Brunel…lighting.

There’s two types of hotel, Light, and Dark.

Miss Bergamasco’s hotel *grins as he writes down elleons name* is a “light” hotel.  Always brightly lit, inviting and welcoming.  I dont know how she manages it cause ive never seen any lamps in her establishment, it might be the wallpaper she is using..perhaps she got Mr Cleanslate to dip it in some Uranium?

Brunel Hall on the other hand has been a dark hotel since winter of last year.  Lighting a building of it’s size on nothing more than candles costed a dang fortune for me during winter and several times i stubbed my toe on walls and door stops due to the fact that i couldnt see the things.

Last week i stubbed my hoof on a door stop.  This time though it didnt hurt, infact the doorstop decided to release itself from its foor by snapping off the screw that held it on the floor, said doorstop then decided to travel in wide arc and then decided to exit the hotel via a window…that was closed…i suppose hooves are handy in one respect, they do a lot of damage and ya dont feel a thing.

It was at this point in time that i decided enough was enough and it was about time the entire hotel got some of that new fangled modern day lighting.

I sent a telegram to Uncle McAndrews to send over his best joiner and lighter over to the hotel to rig up the lights.  Thing is though i didnt have anything to power the lights with.  Then i remembered…thanks to Mr Tenk…


Yes, thats right, everyone in the city has gas…free gas, courtesy of several gas storage places dotted around town and that new gas pipe in port babbage.

At once i got the two workers to run a gas main direct from the port babbage storage line into the hotel.  I then visited Hudsons Illuminations which is downstairs from Dr Watson and Mr Holmes home, and i purchased various light fittings for the ceiling and corridor walls…



After the needed pipe work and some handy work on the part of the workers, the lights now automatically spark at night to light up the gass, and automatically close the gas valves during the day so i dont even need to go round and switch them on or off at all, it does it all automatically!


Now the hotel is ready for the long dark nights of the coming winter…

Hudsons Illuminations can be found at

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