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Journal Entry – The Crate Pt2

((A continuation from as the storyline for the run up to World Zombie Day, October 10th))

Roberts eyes gleaned something which I had not seen before, a little flash of fear…

I’ve known Roberts for a very long time, heck, we went to the academy together back in our youth.  He was the kind of fellow that could walk into the roughest, toughest bar in a city and start verbally abusing the towns worst sort of criminals, then drag them outside for a “rumble” as he likes to put it.

For a simpe object, long since buried by the egyptians, to even give a HINT of fear from Roberts…well, that was worth seeing.

…what he showed me was quite frankly astounding…


It must have been one of the best preserved mummified corpse I have ever seen.

The remarkable thing was it was buried inside a coffin in a seperate room directly behind the Immort stone, sealed off with over 8 feet of hard egyptian stone.  The thing that caught me eye though was the remains of what looked like actual flesh and bodilly organs still semi intact under the wraps.

Roberts turned round and looked at me, nodded and walked out of the room…

“I must get this back to the lab in babbage” I said to myself as I thought of the remarkable advances in science that this single corpse would attain the general scientific community of the time. 

It was blatantly obvious as to why the stone had been drained of almost all of its power, it was preserving this single dead body for all eternity.  It must have been someone very important in the eyes of the Egyptians to have buried this single person so close to the Immorta Stone…maybe it was the high priest?  An unknown pharoe?  The possibilities was endless!

Looking back now…i should have left the cursed body where it was…

The remains of the Egyptian mummy was carfully packed away in a hermetically sealed container, and the container was then packed into one of the usual New Babbage wooden shipping crates.  I decided to address it to the Paleozoic Museum since the museum had a lot of inbound crates due from the carvings of the dinosaurs…one more crate in the shipping manifest wont mark any suspicion from anyone.  I wrote a letter to Elleon explaining that this crate should be hauled up to the back of the library, away from prying eyes.

…that happened two weeks ago…since then something terrible has woken up inside the crate…

((to be continued!))

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin October 4, 2010

    sealed behind eight foot of stone….. you would think archeologists would get the hint…..

  2. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower October 4, 2010

    *begins nervous twitching*

    I haz a bad feeling ’bout this…


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