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Journal Entry – The Aftermath

What a week it was…

The cure…it worked.  The…ingredients…that was marked in the database looked like something out of a witches brew cookbook, the final ingredient had old Roberts looking at me in absoloute horror, but the less said about that final ingredient…the better.

The cure itself worked.  I ran as many tests as i could before I switched on the industrial fans attached to the front wall of the hotel.  Luckilly enough for me Day 4 of the infection was one of those blustery autumnal days in New Babbage, the cure spread out far and wide, covering the entire city in less than 6 hours.  The strange smell of almonds still prevails in the hotel’s bar though, where the veil of green fog billowed down from the top of the door.  It must be the light traces of cyanide that the cure mixture had gassed out.  Nowhere near enough to cause any kind of ill health but that smell right at the doorway is annoying.

Miss Bookworm and the Militia done the town a great service as they always do, going out into the infected city with the cure launchers and popping off the canisters whenever a degranged citizen of the city came anywhere near them.  The main gathering point worked like a charm as well with the vast majority of the infected entering the bar and walking through the cure fog, some of them was cured instantly, like young Jimmy, other took a little longer, but cured they all are.

The damage to the town wasnt as bad as i thought it would have been, over half of the infected still retained their sanity with only a minority going truley insane.  The worrying part was the hotel itself…and burns…

The hotel…the entire building more than likley…is sitting on a powder keg.

I thought that the original zombie outbreak last year would have been a one off.  Before the foundations of the hotel was layed i had that entire area sounded by pile driving, the piles hit solid bedrock, all of them.  Even the ones driven right where those undead hoardes kept appearing.  I thought that the caverns and tunnels they had used all collapsed.  Just to be on the safe side i had 2 metre slabs of limestone dug into the foundations…a barrier of sorts, incase they should appear again…and appear they did.

They had managed to dig through, all the way through.  I dont know where they came from, but i’m absoloutley positive they do not originate anywhere in Academy.

…I think they came from the sealed off Old Quarter.  Could they be the former residents of that part of the city?  Driven mad with being cut off from civilization?  Surley someone in authority on this side of the seal would know about something as horrible as this happening?

The next question is old Burns…

He was never found.  I tried to track him down as the Hotel started spewing out the thick green fog into the air, tried to find him in the hopes of curing whatever remained of the old burns…but he simply vanished.  He was last seen…heading towards the old quarter.

As for myself, well, I wasnt infected…i was already infected during that first outbreak a long time ago.  Natural immunity I suppose.  Seeing that mist cause the problem a second time though was very…worrying.  There are likley other places where that pathogen exists, sealed away in some god forsaken forgotten tomb, waiting for someone to dig it up and release it.  The thing is, no one in the scientific community knows exactly where that pathogen came from…and why they are deliberatley sealed, little miniature timebombs of hell…just waiting to go off.

The hotel itself is sealed off once again.  The timelock was removed, the lab in clockhaven couldnt sustain it for too long, when the lock was removed and the debris cleared, the foundations of the hotel was, once again…solid.

I have contacted some contractors Uncle McAndrews knows, and instructed them to bring along all the materials they need to dig up the hotels foundations to a depth of 10 meters and then pour in portland cement literally sealing off anything below the hotel for good…or at least i hope for good.

As for the townsfolks…they seem to be carrying on with life as normal, as if nothing has happened.  I get a lot of strange looks from a lot of people, but as is the norm for this city, indiscretions will be forgotten…

…i hope…

*suddently drops the pen as he hears a single scratching sound eminating from below the floorboards…*

((on a personal note i’d like to thank everyone who came along to the 1st anniversary bash in the pool and to the world zombie day party the day after, especially blackberry for providing an excellent set of music!  The hotel will be host to the zombies from under the floor one last time this year…for the hotels Halloween Party this month!))

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