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Journal Entry – Steamy

Journal Entry – 22nd of September 188 *sound of a boiler rivet popping off and hitting the wall*

“dammit not AGAIN!” *mornington shouts out the window of the lab*

“Hey! You there! Urchin, what your name?”

“Me names Bill sir…”

“Bill…heres a silver coin, head down to the closest boiler repair man and grab and fistfull of rivets, keep the rest of the change for yourself”

*urchins eyes light up*

“Yes sir!”

Well, it was bound to happen at some point.

The powerstation in clockhaven has went dark.  Seemingly the clockwork automatons that are running the place for the little clockwork BUNNEH! *cough*…Little clockwork bunny Ms Falcon have went on strike, and now it seems they have wound down, no sign of Ms Falceon at all during these troubled times in the power station either, i hope she is ok.

Anyway, with the power out my TARDIS…*word smudged out*…Aetheric Time Travel Device which has nothing to do with timelords whatsoever due to timelords not existing AT ALL in this city..has died.  The system relied almost 80% on the power coming from those tesla coils.

So, its back to plan B, the old museum peice that run primarilly off of steam power.

I was busy stripping the walls back from the old pinewood and noticed that the plaster backing was crumbling away in chunks, so i decided to do something which i should have done a long time ago, strip the walls back to the bare brick.  What was releavaled was a little peice of history, brick bordered with solid iron rivited struts, from what i remember of the history of this old place it used to be an observatory, no doubt the iron strutting at the top of the walls was for load breaing for the dome.

With the wall stripped right back and the old steam driven console back in, the place looks a lot more older than it actually is, im rather pleased with myself.


I left in the Tesla power collector for a time in the future when the clockhaven station is back up and running, until then, im gonna have to make do with shovelling a ton of coal into this thing every couple of days…

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