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Journal Entry – It’s here…

The day that i have been dreading has arrived.

There is no sign of Burns, i search as much of the sewers as I possibly could.  The last sighting of him was underneath the hotel, digging down through the foundations to free the trapped undead below the hotel’s floor.  I rigged a timelock between the floor and the foundation of the bar, waited for the first zombies to dig out, and set the thing off.  It’s worked.  Anything that was going to crawl out of whatever is down there wont be trying for a very long time.  I’ve also set up a barrier at the door, folks can get in and out, pure undead zombies from the depths of hell cant get out at all.  The bar is now a trap…a trap that is now set.

I have been working on a cure dispenser, both mobile and static.  One of the dispensers will be at the door for the trap lure for tonight.  I have hired the well known DJ Blackberry Harvey to play music in the bar for this evening for folks who still have their minds intact to forget about the worries of this weekend, but i have rigged the magnetic new fangled speakers to send out a low frequency blip every 2 minutes.  This low frequency blip will attract the attention of the types of zombies who have lost their minds…they will shamble into the hotel, enter into the door and be forced to breath in lungfulls of the cure.  The effect should be instant, restoring the poor individual to their sences…their skin though…that will take a good 12 hours to heal.

As for the folks who have kept their sanity but have locked themselves in their houses, i have made a makeshift portable cure dispenser…for some straneg reason the gun makes a quaint popping sound, might have to fix that later on.

I will hand out the gun to any able bodied member of the militia who still have their sences.  The gun based cure wont be as potent due to it not being spread in a confined space, but it will still work…i think…

I will contact Miss Bookworm later today to give her a set of guns to hand out to the militia, then all we can do…is wait.

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