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Journal entry ending March 17th 188x(+7)

Reviewed journal with Miss Junie. She stated writing is still lacking a certain appeal. Obvious shortcoming of current program set is lack of support for self-interrogative narrative prose. Will continue to gather exemplars and review for stylistic cues.

Went to city hall to make inquiry about city regulations about animals. Spoke to Mr. Underby and Mr.Dorchester. Observed Petra Flax come in wearing a courier uniform and ask for BUM pay, using accented speech. Did not speak or reveal subterfuge. Delivered appropriate facial gesture based on social situation.

Based on previous perceived hostility towards artificial lifeforms, decided to bake pie for Mr. Malus. Acquired ingredients, assembled and baked pie. Pie was consumed by Gangplank staff. Outcome unchanged. Researching additional strategies to improve situation.

Encountered level 4 anthropomorphic Canid. Subject made aggressive posture. Deployed right arm blade. Subject was given verbal warning, then fled from scene. Will inquire further reference to city regulations.

Went to Gangplank. Talked to Petra Flax outside bar. Met unidentified juvenile female. Subject was very verbally hostile and unfriendly. Will seek further identification of subject when records are available. Subject was verbally abusive and confrontational to Petra Flax. Basis of hostility unknown at this time. Will observe to formulate response.

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  1. Petra Flax Petra Flax March 21, 2013

    Petra froze when she saw Lottie standing with Mr Underby just inside the west wing doors of City Hall, assuming her nature would lead her to reveal Petra’s subterfuge, but pressed on anyway using a ridiculous accent she thought she had heard somewhere before.

    To her relief, Underby bought the accent.  To her further relief, Lottie ignored it.

    Or, she thought she ignored the accent, until the artificial girl subtly looked her way… then winked.

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