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Journal Entry December the 29th



The world is such a strange place.

For instance, Maggie (among her other eccentricities) arranged to take possession of the bakery for a few days to host a feast of some form for Christmas.  Though Kaylee grumbled about the loss of her space, I think we were both rather relieved to have the pressure of the thing taken off of us for a few days.  She, Maggie that is, evidently cooked too much and so, the day after Christmas, allowed the urchins (and whoever else wondered in off the streets, ourselves included) come and pick away at the leftovers.  It was a lovely, congenial time, with the urchins popping in and out, stuffing their mouths (and pockets and whatever else they had with them) full of food.  

An odd moment came when I was being asked something about Gus and for a terrible moment I felt that shift that happens sometimes when HE gains a foothold.  I cannot understand how I can manage to be master of myself for so long and then, in a matter of moments, find my whole world unhinging.

I found myself convinced that Gus was dead.  As tends to happen, everything around me was blurring, the people turning into water-color versions of themselves.

Oddly enough, though, Tenk only seemed to become more solid.  If anything his visage came into a sharper focus.  Some small, feline part of me insisted that if I asked him the question I could trust the answer, so I asked him if Gus was, in fact, dead.  He assured me that that was not what he had heard. 

And, for once, I believed what I was told.

Along with the usual deliveries this morning I also received a number of boxes for Maggie.  She came by in the afternoon to ask if she could borrow the key to the Warehouse for the day, as she needed a place to store them.  Naturally, I loaned her the spare key, she’s promised to return it to me tomorrow.  

My Yule log needs constant tending.  I’ve started waking up in he night to check on it.  I’m sure the reason for it will become evident (Mr. Mornington had some very interesting ideas about it), I’ve merely to be patient. 

Well, I must get to the books and haul the bedding out of the closet for the night. 



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