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Journal Entry, December 15

Just after I had observed the fire at the Dagon House, I strolled down the street to S & S’ coffee room, where I hoped to meet a clockwork doll designated as Miss Rowan.

I did in fact find her there. She stated that she had a request for me, for some upgrades to her functionality.

She wanted to blush and to cry. Perhaps an odd request from a clockwork; those types of upgrades are usually requested by the clockwork’s owner. I told her the mechanics were easily doable, given her already flexible integument.

As we conversed, more onlookers from the fire filtered in, including Brother Malus, who announced to all that he finally had a good night’s sleep, free from bad dreams. It apparently hasn’t improved his attitude any, however. I’ll need to see to him later. Let him build up confidence before I dismantle him. His dreams are spiteful and quite tasty.

I made an appointment with Rowan to see me that evening just before she wound down. She did show up at my laboratory in the hospital right on time. I let her unwind and then removed her cranial unit.

Pulling the skin away was difficult work, but I managed with minimal creasing. Her cheek actuators were embedded tightly, and it took some prying to get them loose.

Mapping out all of her engrams and process cylinders was tedious, of course, but well worth it. She is equipped with numerous emotion simulators. A fascinating design. Once mapped, it was easy to hook up catch cogs to valves on miniature pressure pumps.

I fitted five vulcanized rubber bladders in total — one under each cheek, and one across the bridge of the nose, these filled with a red gelatin. When pressurized, the red gel pushes up against the skin and effects a blush.

The other two bladders were connected to eyedroppers at the corner of each eye, and these are filled with distilled water and saline, to simulate tears.

Finally, two fill ports, one above each ear hidden under the hair. All in all, a great success.

Now for the bill.

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 16, 2010

    [I expect that Avariel Falcon would be happy to pay the bill, she does tend towards philanthropy in cases concerning clockworks and urchins. All bills to be forwarded to the AP&E company of New-Babbage, which is the company that owns Avariel Falcon who acts as its permanent administrator.]

  2. Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga December 16, 2010

    ((Oh! That’s very kind!))

    Rowan smiles brightly, eyes seeming to sparkle in happiness. “Thank you SO much!”

  3. Ariana Farstrider Ariana Farstrider December 16, 2010

    congratulations on a wonderful job, and to you too Rowan! I would also like to point out that my establishment is a tea house.

    • Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart December 16, 2010

      Ah. I don’t drink coffee or tea.

      They make me quite disagreeable. Even worse than Malus.

    • Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga December 17, 2010

      Thank you, Strider! I’m really quite happy about it.

  4. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman December 16, 2010

    water and saline, hopefully rust isn’t an issue

    • Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga December 17, 2010

      Oh, I don’t think it will be, as it wouldn’t be contacting metal, unless I’m rather severely… harmed…

      Rowan shiveres slightly.

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