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Journal Entry, December 13

Mrs. Underby has been in the hospital for nearly a week now. Physically, she seems well-recovered. However, she is still lost in her own mind.

It was for that reason that the girl Lo came to see me last night. She’s worried about her mother, you see, even though her family’s treatment of the girl would have made my father applaud. Family ties are so touching.

It appears that there are no psychiatrists in the city; I am the closest thing. Lo even knows what I am, but perhaps she is running low on adults whom she can trust.

I pointed out to her thrice that restoring her mother to her former state was not in her best interests, but she did ask thrice and thus I must abide by the old compact, since she wields the same sort of abilities as her stepfather. But she will owe me a favor.

Tonight I shall begin Mrs. Underby’s treatment.

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