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Journal Entry: Assignment to Berlin and the Promotion of Underwood


Berlin, 28 January, 18–; Pilipo
Underwood, late Brevet Lieutenant of the Militia of the Restored
Republic of Texas, is now primary Agent for the Sothron Tesla Society
in New Babbage; he is capable enough when he exercises
self-discipline, but I am concerned that he could be distracted by
his bon vivant nature. Still, it cannot be helped. I am now at
the beck and call of that Dark Organization, which now requires my
services as an untraceable third party to extricate them from a
sticky situation of their own incompetent responsibility. For
services rendered they have agreed to finance a full five years of my
scientific inquiry!


I am given to understand my duties
will require perhaps a sixmonth of field work and negotiations, as
well as a substantial amount of dispersal of funds to be likewise
provided by the Pangnostic organization for which I am now employed.
It is left to Underwood to establish our new headquarters in Port
Babbage and, hopefully, advance operations now that sufficient
financing is available. He has suggested hiring urchins for certain
tedious operations, but I have cautioned him that they may be more
liability than asset, especially if they appreciate the implications
and applications of our labor should we succeed.


Underwood certainly is capable of
running test batches on our modest equipment, but I am concerned he
may not have the wherewithal to increase the scale of the endeavor
should he succeed in an efficient yield for our processes (in my
absence). He is no slouch, as a post graduate mathematician; but his
discipline, or more succinctly lack of discipline, leaves a
good piece to be desired.

I must say the prototype elixer had a wonderfully exhilarating effect. I feel invigorated. Indeed, my very appearance has changed to much like I was as a young Engineer in the employ of the Army of the Potomac during the late War of the Rebellion in the States. And so I hope to pass un-noticed as I deal with Prussian agents, and unrecognized by any German diplomats there who may have visited New Babbage

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