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-Jekyll Writes- The Night Before April Fool’s Day

-From the private journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll-

31st of March, 18xx

At this point, I’ve managed to settle into this town. Some things are still a mystery to me, but I’ve managed to meet some friendlier aquaintences among the chaos.

Still, I’m having a hard time accepting the oddities of the town. For instance, I’ve heard one of the main delicacies was an ill-tasting fish that is prone to jumping out of the water and attacking civilians during mating season. I never realized the size of said fish until an urchin named Jimmy Banaugh caught one of the gargantuan beasts, had it stuffed, and displayed it at the Oiling Festival.

Then there is the case of a man who calls himself “Emperor Crumb.” From what I’ve heard, he sounds more like a drunkard than a monarch; And yet people play along. I have no idea why.

If this is what New Babbage is like, then the circumstances concerning Mr. Hyde and myself will seem like just another quirk. Not that I plan on telling anyone about our secret, the risk in that will always be too great. If he causes any serious damage, or worse…

Speaking of, I just remembered that tomorrow happens to be April Fool’s Day. What on earth do these people consider a prank? I might die of shock! And what would he…

Perhaps I’ll stay at home tomorrow. I’ll try to, at least. I must! Yet I know he’ll want to escape… No, it’s late already. I best be getting some sleep before I spend another restless night lost in my troubled thoughts.

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