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-Jekyll Writes- Fortunate News

-From the private journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll-

10th of July, 18xx

I have just been informed that my application for Chief of Medicine at the Baldas Memorial Hospital has been accepted. This is wonderful news! I didn’t think I would be accepted, considering how long I’ve actually lived in town and how well known some of the other applicants were. (To be honest, a handful of those applicants were not in any reasonable position to apply; Two of the urchins wrote in, and I believe Mr. Eliot tried to weasel his way in!)

While I feel every fiber of my being yearn to celebrate, shared or not shared, I understand I must prepare for my new line of work. Dr. Canergak requested in his letter that we meet at the hospital in three days time to discuss my role in the hospital and what responsibilities it may entail. I must be presentable for the orientation; Therefore, I have prepared a short list for Sunday:

  • Wash and iron my good suit
  • Pack a bag to take to the hospital (A notebook, lunch, a first aid kit, possibly a copy of my medical license, etc.)
  • Make sure shoes are well-broken in (The hospital is about 10-20 minutes away from my home on Merryman Corner)
  • Arm self (The path to the hospital goes over one of the canal bridges, and the wiggyfish might be out.)
  • Eat well
  • Sleep well
  • Try my best to make sure Hyde doesn’t run off and get intoxicated the night before

I was afraid I might have to move to get closer to the hospital, but as it turns out this is not the case. I should be able to walk back and forth with ease provided I don’t run into any dangerous creatures or people. And what of the patients? How dangerous could they be?

Also, there is the issue of my elixir. Of course, I wouldn’t dare give it to the patients, but should I sneak these into my office in the hospital? I wouldn’t want anyone to walk in one day and discover my horrible secret, effectively ruining my good standing with the people of this town. On the other hand, there is the off chance an unexpected transformation might occur, and I would be stranded in public inside Hyde’s body. What if it disrupts my work?

No, no. Shouldn’t be too much worry. Dr. Canergak stated in his note that he would be happy to employ Hyde at the hospital. If I make Hyde a familiar object in the hospital, I should be able to deter at least some of the suspicion. Only time will tell if I can actually pull this off.

Enough of that, now. Tomorrow is another day, and then there will be a town meeting I ought to attend.

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