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-Jekyll Writes- A Great Mess of Things

-From the private journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll-

November 23rd, 188X

As the snow falls and brings forth an early winter, I can’t help but reflect upon what a mess this past month and a half has been.

Yes, we did manage to capture the mastermind behind the Bear Gang, but while the Asylum, Militia, and the surviving were creatures are safe I’m still trying to make sense of what dark secrets Hyde and I have stumbled upon in the process. I knew that Babbage is a rather eccentric City-State, but even here there are things that the public shouldn’t know about. Things I would have never considered to exist until now. Out of respect for certain friends whom I have found to have dealt with such impossible things in the past, I shall refrain from elaborating on their nature further.

I should document my current theory concerning the Creaky Gloom. One of those things that should not exist. As of late, Gloom has been appearing in various venues in town and escaping with a hapless victim in tow. While this being is known for stealing people away, he usually steals young children. Why was it, then, that a grown woman had been taken away the first time he appeared? Poor Miss Ambeylia, if only I didn’t have to leave so soon. Perhaps I could have at least tried to lead you to safety…

Hyde was there when Gloom attacked the Gangplank. Even now, the chaos still lingers in our shared memory, and in that chaos a young boy was taken away. The boy in the pirate garb. It seems a bit more normal, but why was he singled out? Hyde saw more urchins there, and he noticed Gloom was showing bitter restraint. Perhaps Gloom is only after a few select people? What connects them with each-other, being new to town? At this point, it’s hard to tell.

Dr. Sonnerstien and his husband have been discussing the situation with me in private, and we have some reason to believe one of the locals might be involved in this affair. Hyde has been questioning the urchins about recent rumors and sightings. What he did find, oddly enough, was that Jimmy Branagh seems convinced that the Gloom could not harm him. Furthermore, the boy seems to be behaving as if he is hiding something. Did Jimmy make a foolhardy choice and try to bargain with the Gloom? It seems very likely, but there is hardly any proof. Hyde will simply have to keep an eye on the boy for a few days.

Yes, even if it cuts into his semi-nightly pub crawls.

A quick reminder to myself before I try and get some sleep. It seems Lady Moldylocks happens to be acquainted with Mr. Utterson through one of her former husbands. She did manage to chat with him earlier this month while she was on a business trip, and she informed me that Utterson is still asking about Hyde.

I was hoping my friend might have forgotten him by now since I never make any mention of Hyde.

I need to try and explain what happened between Utterson and Hyde to Moldylocks soon, or else who knows what she might think of me.

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