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January Book Discussion at the Burton

Deseret (City of Saints book 2) by D.J. Butler


Sam Clemens arrives first in the Great Salt Lake City, and quickly becomes embroiled in events beyond his understanding or control. Meanwhile, Edgar Allan Poe faces off against an old nemesis, and the rift between the North and South comes to Deseret. 

Is Sam being played for a fool by the Madman Pratt? Will Poe’s disguise withstand the scrutiny of his foes? And when the chips are down, which side will Captain Richard Burton choose?

Deseret is Part the Second of City of the Saints, a four-part steampunk gonzo action adventure tale. 

This is a Steampunk Western chock full of secret agents, madmen, diplomats, weapons, and steam trucks. 

Join us for a casual hour as we laze about, drink way too much tea, and talk about the book. 

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