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It’s A Family Affair … You See It’s in our Blood

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After extensive research effort by a respected panel of city luminaries in the steampunk City-State of New Babbage, it has come to the attention of Clockwinder Tenk (the City’s nominal head of state) that the most important ingredient for those successfully battling cancer is Hope. The conclusion, of course, is that our City has an obligation need to manufacture it. LOTS of it.

So, under special order 1370, issued by the Clockwinder’s office, a special charter was granted to the New Babbage Manufacturing Consortium(TM) to establish a Workshop for the construction of Hope. Our research shows that another organization (known  as the “American Cancer Society”) has already developed similar capabilities. We are determined to emulate – in our own way – their efforts.

Using the latest designed in steam- and aetheric-powered machinery, and all the ingenuity of New Babbage’s not-inconsequential builders, this factory was established. Since the highest quality hope comes from adversity, we have decided to establish our workshop in the most inhospitable location we could find: the Land of Permanent Winter. Rail lines have been laid from faraway population centers, an aetheric power condenser tower (built using the very latest Tesla designs) constructed, and insulated greenhouse sheathing erected to protect the machinery within. The Line travels through six stations, each designed to add an element to the final product, and has been automated using state-of-the-art analytical engine instruction sets to operate twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week, under the harshest winter conditions, to create Hope in mountainous abundance. The machinery is operated by the clever, unruly, and somewhat cantankerous Clanks known as Merrymen, who need no rest or sleep. (Please note: visitors are advised not to taunt or otherwise harass the Merrymen as they go about their work. Workshop Management will not be responsible for the consequences.)

Visitors are encouraged to take the guided tour through the Workshop, and are invited to take home a factory Sample of Hope as our gift to you.  We trust you will enjoy your visit.

– A.E. Cleanslate
New Babbage Maceholder and First Clerk, Workshop of Hope
Land of Permanent Winter, 188*

Looks up and smiles .. I read some Place …

Can Hope Really be Manufactured ?

  • In New Babbage ???  You Bet it can ..  i am not able to share the whole true Formula

but I am able to share the last Part .. 

  • Take the factory Sample of Hope Light with Your very Own Soul ..
  • You see we are ((just like real Hope)) Winning Hearts and Minds One Soul at a time ..

breezy carver  fabre .. New Babbage RFL team Captain 2011


**As I type this I am listening to its a family Affair ..

“Nobody wants to be left out
You can’t leave, ’cause your heart is there”
heard that and smiles ….

Indeed this is it .  Relay For Life 2011 ..

New Babbage Made it !  Raising over $4350.00 USA grade Cash and still climbing ..

RFL kick Off  starts today The track opens at 10am slt

Join Us won’t You ..  it lasts over 24 hours ..  Open to all … wear you Babbage Flag Support These Spectacular  Builds and  all  our  RFL Builders… and This Amazing Cause .. 

You will be so glad YOU Did ..  

New Babbage RFL Camp Site LM

New Babbage RFL Designer Sim LM

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