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IRON BAY CHEF- KrakenBerry Pasta.


The fleet airbase has just harpooned
and pulled in a straggler from the yearly Kraken migration. Since
they are chopping it up as we speak I can get started with a high
flying recipe.



Tentacles of one Kraken, preferred
freshly caught and chopped.

Basket of cinderberries

Several pounds of fettuccine (less if
you do not intend to use the entire Kraken)


Chopped Garlic

Red peppers(diced)


For the glaze:

Pint of Dark rum

4 Oranges

5 or 6 Limes

Handful of Salt

Several shakes of pepper

Cup of honey

Ginger (grated)


  1. While I am waiting for the fleet
    to chop up our catch we can start on the glaze. Mix the honey and
    rum together to form a base, then squeeze the juice from the oranges
    and limes in, after which you should grate two of the orange peels
    into the mix. Finally add in the spices and stir until it takes on
    an even consistency.

  1. Coat the Kraken bits and
    cinderberries in the glaze and put them into a steamer for 15-20
    minutes. Turning them from time to time. We had to convert one of
    the engine conpartments into a makeshift steamer, however more
    reasonable methods should be plausible on the ground.

  2. While this is going on start the
    fettuccine boiling in water with a small amount of salt. You want
    the pasta completely done before the steamer is done cooking.

  3. As soon as the pasta is done
    cooking, drain it and mix it in with the butter and garlic, laying
    out the pasta and garlic mix.

  4. Remove the Kraken and berries from
    the steamer serving them on the pasta with the diced red pepper.
    Krakenberry pasta is best served while still hot.

  5. Note: reduce cooking times by
    about one-third if you are preparing this near sea level. However,
    it is a dish best served in the clouds.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg September 9, 2013

    I didn’t even realize the fleet had an airbase!  Much less an airbase that could accomodate gourmet meals. :-)

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