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Iron Bay Chef Entry #1: “Every Planet Has a North” Fells Gagh

“Every Planet Has a North” Fells Gagh

 Featuring North Fells Worms


1 chum bucket full of North Fells Worms (Alive to start)

1 Bottle of Red Wine from Mr. Mornington’s stores

Coffee Grounds and Cocoa Powder pillaged from Cocoa Java

A Dirty Handful of Cinderberries

Water from the sewers

Step 1:  Begin with
the worms in a standard size chum bucket. 
As quickly as you can, pour an entire bottle of Mr. Mornington’s
cheapest red wine on top of them.  It
should take roughly two minutes for the little buggars to become sluggish. (As
we all know, North Fell worms are notorious alcoholics).

Step 2:  Use the empty
bottle of wine to measure out one bottle’s worth of good ole’ Babbage sewer
water.  In a cast iron skillet, bring the
water to a boil.

Step 3:  Stir in the
coffee grounds and cocoa powder (a fistful each) and lower the temperature to a

Step 4:  Add the dried
cinderberries.  Just as you see them
begin to plump (this may take a while, boy those things are dry….) take them
off the heat.

Step 5:  Pour the
heated mixture over the worms (who will be absolutely smashed at this point)
and serve immediately.

Enjoy your warrior’s brew! 


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