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Iron Bay Chef 3: Seasoning’s Greetings

It has been a long time since our last cooking competition here in New Babbage, so it is high time to fire up those cookstoves, put on those aprons, and dig out those implements of gastronomical destruction. This year’s contest will feature cash prizes and plenty of holiday cheer, because the theme is Seasoning’s Greetings. We are looking for dishes that New Babbagers enjoy serving and devouring during the chilly winter season. Comfort food that warms your insides and gets you salivating when you know it will be served during a holiday feast. What is it? How did you come by the recipe? Handed down through generations, or your own mad creation?

The good news is that Iron Bay Chef is always as exciting as YOU, the competitors, decide to make it. Everyone has a chance here, you don’t need to be a foodie IRL in order to take home the pot. Whether you are an evil genius or a street urchin (the two are not mutually-exclusive), whether you have a kitchen or a secret lab, whether you cook in factory ovens or over campfires, I want you to roll up your sleeves, put those fancy-schmancy goggles to good use and whip up some good, old-fashioned, pungent mayhem. Let’s find out who is hungry for power and who is just HUNGRY!

This year’s Iron Bay Chef contest is dedicated to the memory of Blackberry Harvey, who helped judge the the first contest in 2012.


  1. Recipes should be posted to the BAR with “Iron Bay Chef” in the title.
  2. Post a link to your recipe in the #iron-bay-chef channel in Discord, or IM Junie Ginsburg or Ceejay Writer with a link. We don’t want to miss your recipe!
  3. Recipes should include a short description of how it came to be (family recipe, taught by a cook when you were kidnapped by pirates, etc.)
  4. Each recipe MUST make use of both SECRET INGREDIENTS
  5. Maximum of two entries per chef



Up north in the mining town of Falun, there is a delicacy known as the “bandersnatch donair” that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Rumor has it there is still a trade route by which a supply of bandersnatch meat travels into the city via Bump and Dairy. Your Iron Bay Chef holiday dish must somehow incorporate the gamey meat of the Northern Bandersnatch. How you use it is entirely up to you!


Blackberries. You’d better make them good.



  • Junie Ginsburg, co-owner of The Gangplank 
  • Ceejay Writer, owner of CocoaJava


  • Martin Malus, Squire and Gangplank CFO
  • Milo Worth, Gangplank Bartender
  • …and maybe others if we can wrangle them into it


  • First place: L$2000
  • Second place: L$1000
  • Third place: L$500

The winning dishes will be added to the menu at The Gangplank through the winter season.


The contest will run from now until December 1. Then, after Ceejay and I have prepared each dish in our respective kitchens and served them to our lucky taste-testers (who will need to have strong constitutions), we will post critiques of each recipe and announce who will be the next IRON BAY CHEF!

Ready? Get crackin’!

Previous winners:

  • Iron Bay Chef 1
    • 1st place: Vernden Jervil, for his Armada Scoundrel Fleet Kraken
    • 2nd place: Jedburgh Dagger, for her Fried Air Kraken
    • 3rd place: Ceejay Writer, for her Crackin’ Good Pickled Air Kraken
  • Iron Bay Chef 2
    • 1st place: Arthur Serpente, for his Mummeh-wrapped Air Kraken with Cinderberry Garnish  
    • 2nd place: Dee Wells, for her Braised Air Kraken Tentacle Suckers with Artichokes and Cinderberry Relish 
    • 3rd place: Jedburgh Dagger, for her Air Kraken Boucanier Style with Cinderberry Chutney
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