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Initial Entry 19 November 188x (+6)

this date the unit was given a blank journal and 6 wooden pencils by Miss
Juniper Ginsburg. This is in reference to a conversation held on the premises
of the Gangplank, where it was stated that it may be of some benefit to record
the unit’s activities in an analog format. She was advised that the unit has
the capacity to record all relevant information and produce a finished report
file. Her statement was that the end result was not as important as the actual
manual writing process. This was viewed as incorrect in respect to efficiency
but based on the insistence of Miss Ginsburg there will be an attempt made to

primary issue has been that while the unit has been programmed to be properly
self-referential in conversation and was designed to maintain a high degree of
interaction with biological humans, it was not intended to complete the process
of writing past completion of certain pre-printed forms. The unit was given the
full capacity to translate the verbal process into a recorded format that would
be processed into a written format by another means.

Ginsburg has been of great assistance in completion of this project.

unit has relocated power-down locations. The previous spot in the Gangplank
cellar has had an increase of foot traffic from those individuals who live in
the hole. The cellar of Brunel Hall has proven to be far more secure to date.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse November 20, 2012

    “So – you will remember, right Gov’nor?” clarified Bert as he leaned against the bar of the Gangplank.

    “Um…” replied Emerson soundling somewhat addled as he looked under papers and behind bottles. “Yeah… of course, I’ll remember.” He search became more desperate. “I just have to write it down…”

    Bert began to tap his foot.

    “Dammit!” cursed Emerson. “Why can’t I ever find a pencil when I need one. I’m sure I had a new box of six sitting here just yesterday.”


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