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India Mill Chimney

After some chat in the steampunks group today I thought I’d put some info here about an amazing chimney in the Lancashire town of Darwen.

India Mill chimney was the tallest and most expensive in the country when it was completed in 1867. And it’s still there!

The chimney is just over 85m high and dominates the Lancashire town of Darwen.

The now decommissioned chimney was built in 1867 by architects Ernest Bates of Manchester and originally comprised of a 91.4M square structure, the design of which being modelled around St Marks Campanile in Venice.

Due to removal of its huge 6.2M high cast iron crown back in 1943, the overall height of the chimney was reduced to its current 85.18M, which consists of a composite brick, stone and cast iron structure

Here is a video of Fred Dibnah climbing it .. with no safety rope and overhanging ladders !

Also worth a peek are these two about how to ladder a chimney to work on it …….

And how to errect the platform at the top ….

I’m getting dizzy just watching these. lol !





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