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In the Belly of the Beast

Hally didn’t remember being eaten by the air kraken very well, but she knew who was to blame:  Her neighbor who had gotten them both drunk!  If she’d have been sober she was sure she could have performed the proper dive maneuver.

Thankfully this air kraken was massive and had attacked the ship and not them personally.  The teeth had been bigger than the both of them and the two of them had fallen into the kraken’s stomach mostly unharmed.  

Since waking the two had been blaming the other for causing their predicament and working out plans to escape the monstrous kraken.  Their prospects were dismal: they didn’t have much to work with beyond what was in Hally’s packs, Eloises pockets, and pieces of wreckage from ships that the kraken must have eaten.

A quick survey of the wreckage didn’t find much of use.  Supplies aboard had spoiled, though there was wood to start a fire and Hally had strikers.  The only other thing of note had been a skeleton and a strange, broken down, wooden clockwork.  

Initially, Eloise had wanted to cut through the Kraken with her knife, but then there had been no telling how their living vessel would react to that. 

Undetered, they made plans to make the Kraken hungry enough that it would dive and start eating, maybe giving them time to cut a hole through and escape the giant beast.  They tried for several days to manipulate the Kraken’s appetite before getting hungry themselves and, despite their misgivings, cut pieces of the stomach wall for their meals.

Cooking the beast from the inside out had caused it to dive.  Soon they would hopefully be able to escape while it was eating or drinking something or someone else.

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