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If boxing isn’t in, maybe….?

Tepic looked around the now darkened tent, slightly dispirited. It had seemed such a good idea, yet only a few good friends and reliable fellows had turned up. Maybe they would need to set up a mud pit in the middle, he had overheard a couple of the lasses down the Blue Sparrow mentioning wrestling in mud as a good draw. Strange, he could understand bare knuckle fighting, that was just scrapping in a ring, wrestling in mud would just make it look silly….. still….

There was the smuggling though, that should still bring in a penny or two, for the winter, he would just have to get the urchins organised and do a couple of canal trips over the next few weeks…

He sighed as he let the tent flap drop closed behind him. It was worth giving it one more go, try putting out more posters and leaflets, but if no one were going to come, it just wasn’t going to be worth it…..

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 17, 2014

    much as i like boxing, i’m currently without fists until they’re retreived or id check it out

  2. Arthur Serpente Arthur Serpente August 17, 2014

    You’re to be commended, Tepic, for organizing an RP event. Thank you. We could certainly use more of this, and it’s wonderful. I’m sad RL kept me away, and that’s a thing, sometimes players show to RP events and sometimes they don’t, and you’ll never know why. It’s good to keep trying, and if no one shows, it’s not something personal to you, it means you have a confluence of RL and other things going on in SL. (in my usual roleplay sim, I often fear it’s because someone somewhere is having a sale on Lolas…) You just then take advantage of whoever is there for RP (or if you are like most RP sims, those who are there open up IMs where they complain about the lack of RP and other players and how if the sim would only do __(insert magical thinking answer here)__ there would be roleplay everywhere.

    One suggestion. Combat is a tricky thing. Some typists get very, very weird about whether they win or lose, and you can understand why to a degree as some people RP combat unfairly or in a way different than another given RPers might be used to. If you stage a combat event, I’d be super clear in your publicity about how it will be staged. Will it use a meter or something via Second Life, or will combat be roleplayed out? One thing you can offer is a promised demonstration, at a particular time, so people can see how you envision it going. You might say the outcome will be determined by the players in advance, or by dice, or simply by roleplay, and then people can decide if this is the thing for them. 

    But bravo to you, really appreciate your energy for RP. In Babbage it takes long-established characters like yours to organize something like this, so many thanks. 


  3. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery August 17, 2014

    I am sorry I didn’t come to the second boxing event.  Sometimes I can’t take too much movement on my screen or am not able to concentrate well enough on fast action.  You did a good job there, so don’t give up the idea entirely.  You might find in the later months of the year there are more people around as well.

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