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I would wish to express regret concerning the startling of a gentleman and his dog, also salutations!

Dear Colleagues, associates and respected citizens of New Babbage,


I wished to express within the confines of this small news publication my sincere regret concerning any upset caused to a gentleman who was walking towards the City Square on the day of the Tenth May. As a newly arrived Lady Natural Historian and Scientific Aviatrix, i was caught off guard by the narrow nature of the streets within the Square area and, thusly, did my flying conveyance become, for want of a better word, wedged, between the upper floors of two stout dwellings. Needless to say that, though i was able to free the stranded craft in swift time, it did prove to be quite a sight to a peaceable fellow down below who was minding his own business while enjoying an evening constitutional. Though he was made of stern stuff, his animal was rather alarmed and caused quite a hulabaloo before he could calm it.

Regrettably, as i was propelled rapidly skywards, i was unable to contact this gentleman in order to make personal restitution and am forced to express my sentiments here in an indirect manner.

I would like to propose that a series of sky signals be put into place to warn air vessels as to such likely dangers, as well as to guide them to suitable mooring or landing spots. Should any of my fellow new arrivals to this fine city have experienced similar mishaps, perhaps they could share their accounts here, that we might work on bringing the sky traveller into a state of equilibrium with his earthbound cousin.

Yours with Great Respect,

Lady Chronometria Cogshine, New Arrival in New Babbage.

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