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I’m Shot


Henri confronts Blackberry:




Henri threatens Blackberry:









Henri shoots Blackberry:



Henri gloats:



Left for dead:







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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn July 16, 2011

    Great pictures! Would love to know the story about this encounter. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska July 16, 2011

    That Henri has a cavalier attitude, you ask me.


  3. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey July 16, 2011

    I would tell the story, but I’m not in a position to do so at the moment!  Hopefully someone will save me soon…

  4. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 16, 2011

    Oh wonderful…another trigger happy maniac but this time he’s all prettied up. Sounds like a normal day if you ask me…

  5. Henri Metier Henri Metier July 17, 2011

    Oh Mr. Harvey, you do me a dis-service. I quite distinctly asked you to live after shooting you.  I even asked my friend to go get a doctor for you.  He didn’t, but that’s not my fault he wanted you to die now is it?  <laughs>

  6. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse July 17, 2011

    *sings* Dead bunnehs aren’t much fun!

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