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I’m becoming aware its not wise to leave town

I had barely landed on the platform ,when Qismah was screaming at me from the dock by her shop “Violet! that woman has Omig in a cell!”I shouted back “MY OFFICE NOW!”

five minutes later I was in my office with Qismah, and my accountant and lawyer Ambrose,” so tell me what the hell happened?Ambrose cleared his throat, a sure sign his answer was going to be a long oratory “and keep it short Ambrose”

 Ambrose blustered a bit and continued “well the long and short of it is” I nodded” short it good”

 the hare looked down his nose at me”regardless madam i went down to the Militia Jail and talked to Omig, he told me the same story i got from the duty officer, that he claims that he and Eliot came across a militia officer standing over the body of a fallen comrade, Eliot asked the officer in he needed assistance, at which point the man turned pulled a pistol shot Eliot,then proceeded to pummel ,Omig about the head with said pistol,so Omig having no choice, and in fear of his life defended him self, which resulted in the death of the militia officer,a moment later more officers arrived found an unconscious Eiot, and Omig with blood stained jaws and arrested them for suspected murder”

Iscrubbed my face with my paws “well so much for a short answer, and where is Eliot?”

Qismah nodded her head in the direction of the canal’ across the way in the hospital, I was lucky in that they let me tend him since the Doctor was out,I pulled a bullet from his side and have been keeping him sedated so the militia can not interrogate him”

I looked at Qismah and shook my head ” at least one of you is capable of doing something right, so why are they still in custody?”

Ambrose crossed his arms ” they’re balking while they try to find any evidence,and i’ve not even been permitted to see Omig again since my first interview”

standing I picked up my parasol and turned towards the door”well we’ll see about that!

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