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I hope I’m not getting the itch already?

I passed the militia office yesterday, it crossed my mind to enquire about a position. I gave myself a damn good talking to,it’s too close to the life I have given up. I’m here to find other kinds of adventure and excitement. I owe it to myself.

So I continued my search for a good tailor.  I didn’t find one but managed to buy a fairly nice town suit off the peg. I can’t wander around looking like a bumpkin much longer.

I was rather pleased with it once it had the alterterations.

…it needed letting out around the waistline!  I suppose it’s only to be expected, but in order to avoid it running out of control I really should think about some gentlmanly pursuits.

I never had much interest in sport, and of course once you have taken part in a bayonet charge, chasing a pig skin around a field seems such trivial and silly to get worked up over.

Maybe the milita isn’t such a bad idea after all?

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