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I Didn’t Know Steam Pipes Could Freeze

I came home from ice skating today when Ms Sera came up to me trying to hide a rather amused look on her face and said “Gatsby, There is a herd/gaggle/pride of penguins in your factory. Fred sent them and they are looking for work. They got lost on their way home and need money.”

I am reasonably sure my reaction was along the lines of “Haha” but I went out and asked Fred who quickly scribbled out a note saying that was indeed the case. I immediately rushed to the factory just in time to hear all the safety valves on my boiler go off. Looking over I saw all the windows in my number 2 plant open and could here lots of honking sounds. They somehow managed to get the inside so cold that my steam heating pipes froze solid! I didn’t think it was possible!

It’s just easier to charter an airship to Antarctica than to give these guys jobs… I got a good deal on some barrels of pickled mackerel and wiggyfish so they will at least be well fed. Once the weather warms up enough for airships to fly again I will get them out of here even if I need to fly it myself…

Urchins who work in Plant Number 2 need not come to  work for the next few days… I will also need to put out a sign “Penguins Need Not Apply”
Also please forgive the fishy smell in the palisade for the next few days.


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