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I didn’t do it…I think.

Arnold woke up inside of Dagon Hall…

He didn’t even want to know…

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 1, 2011

    Oh dear, the wormy head statue is broken!

    Err… Run?

  2. Loki Eliot Loki Eliot November 1, 2011

    Vadalism? who in Babbge would want to desicrate the Dagon Hall? …hmmm… who in New Babbage possibly has a grudge against the Dagon faith… hmmm…..

  3. Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider November 1, 2011

    There will be tears, and I think maybe one of their newest possible converts aint gonna be ‘appy!….bugger.

    • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein November 2, 2011

      Of course it wasn’t! You’re out of town. …aren’t you…? ::peers::

  4. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra November 1, 2011

    *Gabrielle, upon hearing of this, quickly stifles a grin* 

    “It wasn’t me either.” 

    “I’d have torched the place.” she mutters, under her breath . . 

  5. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger November 1, 2011

    Someone broke the statute of Uncle Mudpuppy :(

    • Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo November 1, 2011

      Ha ha ha ha. Good one Jed.

    • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein November 2, 2011

      XD Poor Uncle Mudpuppy. Hah, I love it.

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