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Huuuuuge Picture Archive

A searchable database of over 2 million copyright-free historical images and illustrations is on Flickr. I love the packaging and advertising typography. Not sure how useful the search function is. I put in the keyword “Victorian” and up came a bunch of images of Minolta cameras c. 1960. There were some relevant results as well…


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  1. Kimika Ying Kimika Ying August 30, 2014

    An hour or so later…. Thank you for telling us about this. Its a remarkable collection.

    Fig. 142.—Landing in a tree (1908).

    Shortly before the landing place is reached the balloon must be brought to rest
    by means of the guide-rope, ballast being thrown out if necessary….This
    is a very simple matter if there are no telegraph wires or other
    obstacles. But this seldom happens; there are usually trees or something
    of the kind in the way,…”





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