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Howling in the night

As Leon trudges though the snow towards the gangplank, still annoyed at how his test worked for his new weapon but… it took him some time to get back down after his incident with the hook falling to the ground. He also had stopped by to get some meat for Lilith, who he was really becoming fond of being around. His tail perks up as he hears something. Looking around as he was near the Steam gardens that was under construction he heard….howling.. like a wolf, what was going on he heard the last wolf was taken care of based on what he read when he got here. 

He slowly starts to make his way towards the gangplank once more, the howling was getting louder, his hand slipping into his jacket as he drew his pistol, last thing he needed was a stray wolf or rabid dog ruining his night. As he passed a manhole enterance to the sewer he stopped, looking around as he kneels down, the echoing the howling was in the sewer and echoing loud as he shivers”great something else in the sewers now…. this could be bad I better go tell someone” he says and rushes off, fast towards the Gangplank. Upon arriving he still could hear the howling. 

As he got in and sat with Lilith so she could eat, smileing and blushing a bit as she tells him how her and arnold where hearing wolf howls most the night before Arnold passed out on the couch. Leon nods”I see we better warn others bout this, this could be bad, maybe Cyan, Jimmy or Arnold know something we can do. “Lilith nods in agreement as she finishes her food and lays down to rest.

Leon seeing Lilith once more asleep gets up, his tail swaying as he puts a blanket over her and heads back out once more into the cold night. Once outside he looks up at the full moon and shudders hearing another howl.


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  1. Lilith Lilith March 1, 2013

    It had been a few days since that night, the night of the full moon and Lilith decided it was time to return to the Gangplank and her favorite pillow, she was in a way hopeing to see Leon there again, she loved his visits, he wasdifferent from many of the boys she met and she did not mind. Her tail swaying as the sun was setting, as she got to the Gangplank and reached for the door handle she froze her tail fur standing on end as though the area the howls started to echo.

    She grips her head and groans a bit, heart starting to race…. “no…. why is it still here” she whimpers, a little blood trickling from her nose as she pants hard, her ears folding back as she hurries into the building not seeing anyone there she flops down onto her pillow by the fireplace. She thinks about how everyone has viewed her since she got here, some think shes sick, some try and judge whats wrong with her, others have cared but something else. Something at the back of her head was eating at her, the howling why did it seem to resonate so close with the wolf in her, almost like the wolf part of her wanted to respond in unison. 

    This was a new sensation for her as she looks down pulling a syringe from her belt a new clean one she got from Sonnerstien, as she pulls out a red serum vial as she starts to fill it slowly before pulling the needle out makeing sure it was clear of any airbubbles and rolling up her sleeve, slowly injecting her medciane into her arm with a whimper. She she finishes she hears another howl. Droping the needle she groans and once more grasps her head whimpering for it to stop.

  2. Leon Leon March 3, 2013

    Leon grumbles a bit he missed hanging out with Lilith but his job as a runner kept him busy as who he worked for he was one of the few, something he never told anyone, he was paid to keep his yap shut, and thats all taht mattered. He would drop items off usualy at the plank to Lilith but she was out alot lately seems she had been busy, as he got to Sonnerstiens porch late in the evening he stoped, noticing a strange crate for the doctor as he went on inside”LILITH YOU HERE” he called out before finding Sonnerstien.

    “Have you seen Lilith today” the docter let Leon know he had not as Leon nods “well be sure these packages get to her” he says knwoingshe had to return for her meds, as he was leaving he ran into Zaros, a bit of nervouseness kicking in as the two talked, he told her about the howling and how he was conidering to investigate it at the Clockhaven sewers, before he could fully finish they where off soon enough arriveing in Clockhaven they went into the sewers, Leon kept close as they only had one encounter with some large rats which with leons swordmanship was not much of a issue, that and alot of running.

     Eventually they found there way to about where the brewery was finding a door there they went in, the room was foul smelling as if something had been living there, and had a scent of wet dog as well, as the two investigated they did not hear someone else enter the room. As they heard Cyans voice Leon went to explain why they where there, as they came to a conclusion, someone had been keeping a werewolf most likely in the chamber, the chains had black fur lodged in it and Leon had managed to find a broken claw as well.

    As they talked Leon decided that the group best be quite, the howling had gotten alot of attention, and needed to be handled now with some discretion the words of a werewolf loose would cause enough strain, as they decide only a select few should find out. As they leave leon notes that he will be staying at the plank more to keep an eye on things.

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