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Home Comings

Ambrose, and Fergus watched from the platform as Violet stepped from the airship onto the docking arm gangway, the Hare stepped forward ” was the flight comfortable Mam?”

the Rabbit glared daggers at her lawyer ” of course it wasn’t, i’d rather not have taken the trip at all,dam that old coot for making me come back”

Ambrose polished his glasses ” that Coot Madam, is your King, do not forget that “

Violet tossed her travel coat at the ferret Fergus “of course i won’t forget he would never let me, the mighty King Badger the 18th, i don’t know why the Family didn’t get rid of the Royals long ago”

the Hare replaced his glasses on his muzzle ” because Madam without them we would descend into petty clan wars with every other family in the kingdom, all trying to grab the Throne,your father knew that quite well”

the Ferret Engineer handed the coat off to a foot man and tugged on his muzzle ” begging yer pardon Mam,but its because we back the royals that we keep our place as the chief materials suppliers for the Kingdom “
Ambrose chimed in ” and thats allot of contracts we’d loose, and allot of money in the Family coffers, so i suggest playing the dutiful subject and then go back to New Babbage and kill some one , that seems to make you happy,”

Violets left ear twitched ” do not mock me Ambrose”

” of course not Madam, i shudder at the very thought, but still as onerous as the ball will be to you, you still have to present your self or the King might just appoint some one else the contracts” Ambrose pulled out his pocket watch and made a great show of looking at it ” the coach is late”

Fergus looked up the road ” it shouldn’t be it was called for the minute the airship was seen approaching “

at that moment the steam coach turned the corner, its left rear wheel bouncing into a pot hole, where at it Exploded rather spectacularly,
 Violet sighed heavily “im home “

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