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Holiday Gift from Clockwork Music

I have built a snow globe as a holiday gift for all of New Babbage.  Anyone interested can find it on the first floor of the Clockwork Music showroom.

The music is a piece of my own composition called “Winter Psalm”.

I also made a video of the snow globe with some New Babbage Winter scenes, which may be viewed here:

May whatever holidays you choose to celebrate be happy.

Your humble servant,

MacKnight Culdesac

Clockwork Music

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  1. Jon Chen Jon Chen December 17, 2013

    Thank you, in advance sir, for your generosity :)

  2. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery December 18, 2013

    I have one of these, and find it delightful.  Many thanks for your continuing quiet service to the city of Babbage, Mr. Culdesac.

  3. Arthur Serpente Arthur Serpente December 22, 2013

    A delightful gift, thank you!

  4. Jon Chen Jon Chen December 23, 2013

    This has to be mesh, I am sure, as there’s a lower limit to object size in the wonderful world of SL prims; the small cottage and tree (decorated) just nearby are pricelessly atmospheric and seasonal; the Winter Psalm is a lovely composition, and is made to sound very much like a music box.  Add to this the delightful animation of the winding key on the side of the globe after it is touched….  And the snow — snow gently flurries within the globe as the music plays.  The building, the scripting, the music, the animation — all congenially and skillfully blended within one work well-suited to the period, and this made a gift for us!  Amazing, and very much in the tradition of old world craftsmanship!  My sincere thanks :)

    • MacKnight Culdesac MacKnight Culdesac December 23, 2013

      It is, in fact, 100% simple prims.  The key is “sliced” in the z-dimension to make it much thinner than the mininum 0.01 M.  The snow is a mostly-transparent texture flowing over all sides of 3 nearly concentric hollow spheres.  The music is played by the same scripts I developed for my ABC music boxes (an early version of which was used in my Steam Carillon and the Bell Tower I built for the Oiling Festival earlier this year).  The cottage uses textures from Galactic Baroque.

      Thank you for your compliments.  I am very glad you enjoy the gift.

      • Jon Chen Jon Chen December 24, 2013

        Oh my gosh!  I’ve only begun to play with slicing prims for odd effect; I had no idea one could do a build like this at such a small scale with prims alone, the sheer difficulty of handling objects of a Z of 0.0100 made me assume it would (of course) be mesh!  I shall apply myself more closely to the prims, sir… ;)

  5. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 24, 2013

    It is beautiful MacKnight, thank you.

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