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The dripping noise work her like the whistle like that of a steam engine barreling down the tracks and she was far from amused to hear it. Breathing hurt…her arm hurt…her head hurt…what didn’t hurt given her current predicament.




She whispered coldly, but the apathetic emotion that washed over her face didn’t match the tempest that was slamming against the cliffs of her mind. She wasn’t surprised as much as she was hurt, it seemed to be her luck, fate, and possibly karma. Karma was a bigger, bitter hag than she could ever be anyway and this time though she felt herself become check-mated, she was pleased her bed was not her cooling board just yet.


Moving was more work that it was worth, and her torso felt like fire stuck within should she breath just sharply enough. Her eyes did the walking, and scanned the rooms from base to top. She remembered it once before, Wilde Hospital. Her eyes continued prowling the scenery until she found the vase of fresh cut blossoms on her nightstand. She could tell by the delicate care in placement and the decorative vase they sat in, that only one person would put the time and effort into sending her such a gift.




That hurt. Speaking. Breathing. Moving…she wanted to sleep. This was all a nightmare, like the many she had before, just a foolish nightmare. The voices however in the lobby brought reality back to the forefront of her mind and what she had hoped was just some foolish subconsciousness of her mind was confirmed, that this feeling of complete betrayal and pain was very, very real.


“You can’t go in there today Akidami, we’re just about to check her bandages.”


“I can be around for that…”


“This isn’t Mondrago, and you don’t go everywhere she goes…”



Had she the strength and range of motion, she would of suffocated herself with the infirmary pillow. The doors clicking and Kristos great and dramatic sigh was cut short by the glare of a very agitated Bianca.


“Ah! Miss Namori you’re awake,” Kristos smiled warmly but it was quickly melted by the heated entrance of Akidami who was spouting curses in Mondragon. It was an equally quick and very English reply of “SHUT. UP!”


That thunderous silence engulfed the room for a few moments before a pathetic whimper of an “…Ouch” was uttered.


Akidami stood straight and made his way to stand beside the bed for a moment, he took in a deep thoughtful breath before saying plainly, “Are you willing to talk?”


Kristos was at the ready to evict Akidami but before his words or warning emerged Bianca replied.


“No Akidami…I’m ready to listen…”

The oversized man looked on her in disbelief, but seeing the visible change in her eyes he nodded and clasped his hands together figuring now wasn’t the time for bitterness, and so they spoke until the sun woke the next morning.


It was clear Bianca had to leave town for awhile, rather or not she liked it.

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