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Happy Founders Week New Babbage .. a few humble words from .. well Me !!

“May thy stove be always embered.
May thy engine be always pressured.
And may steam and fortune,
Always rise before thee!”

* auther unknown  but … shared with all from Mr Jack

 Its Founders Week  .. Its New Babbage Founders Week !!!

Now what does that mean ??

(thinks of Miss Star to my post last year wonders if she recalls  her words that still make me smile )


Fireworks .. someplace sometime today ..

Saturday Jan 29th A wonderful Airship regatta  followed later by The Black and White Soot  Founders  Day Ball ..

A Magical  Air Balloon/ Air Ship Build contest ..  Oh no its not too late !!

you have till 7pm slt to place your entry on Piermont Landing ..


alright enough of the shameless plugs .. grins ..

What is more important is  for all to take and make the time .. To thank those that

1) found and created this Community ..  years ago ..

Sure there are a few still a few of them among us ..  

Young Master Loki  The prince of the City ..

Mr Jack the wise and most poetic peaceful Soul of the city ..

The Duke with his very own  ((out there )) creative and heart for the city .

The ex Mayor Sprocket, whose steady hand help bring this all to life  is sometimes about …

The Dame Ordinal  with her very own Whimsy Creative Master mind ..

Miss Charlene  .. the busy caretaker with heart  who is never  really far ..  

 **Rei !!!  the amazing Builder we do not see :)

Ok suggestion none of these folks are big on knock down hugs people .. 

but a kind gesture, a warm smile and thank you .. does make them smile ..

truth be told ..


I can go on about the next teir of folks after the founders  and believe it or not .. some really good ones  of them are still around ..

Young Jimmy  Dear Myrtle ,**Kaylee ,Miss Canolli ..Miss Elle ,  Dr Fabre..  Miss Bela ..  Miss Beq .. Mr Elf .. Miss Terry lightfoot , Mr Dagger ,Mr Nix Sands ..  Miss Cutea , Miss Hya ,  Miss Meadow. Mr Pumpkin  and  Tyger .. oh    yes and even you  .. kandace .. :)


these are the folks that still keep an eye  from time  to time and most still pay tier !!

Thats the point  Most still support the community and we don’t even see them ..

 Gosh I guess that brings  me to the next tier so to speak of folks you don’t always see  .. smiles 


that would be me .. Capt Red ,Miss Jed ,Dear Bookworm .. Mr AE .Holmes and Watson . Miss Viv, Miss Sera .. Mr Gatsby The evil Doc O .. aww Mr Jasper ..

The Baron and Miss Annechen .. 

Of course there are extra Special people Like Miss Gabi and  Dear Ceejay .. these are the  heartful Spirits

that just care a great deal and have a huge passion for  Steam and Babbage .. smiles


Gosh then there are the each one of You ..  You see  You who are reading this are the now , in the moment and most important The  future of this wonderful community ..

Breezy is a big  believer on the 80/20 rule .. with a constant .solid flow of fresh new . 25% percent to keep an even ebb and flow ..

Hundreds of wonderful  characters have come through these sims through the years  and contributed to keep and build them .. smiles

Remember something what makes New Babbage  quite special is her Bricks and Community  that allow and encourage all and each of  her members to create and be !!!

That is quite remarkable and very very special .. and not all communities can call those bragging rights so to speak ..*grins*

Breezy is not writer or builder of prim.. She is a visionary and does from and with her heart .. It has been a privilege to do so In New Babbage ..

Happy Founders  Week  New Babbage to One of the best  steamiest ..  Sootiest ..  dreamiest  places in second life  I still know ..

Special Thanks to  The Clock-winder and AE  and the administrators past and present  for keeping us all  safe …  and our gears and cogs rusty and shiny !!

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 29, 2011

    As a newcomer who has taken such delight in wandering the streets of New Babbage of late – would just like to express my deepest sense of appreciation to all who have contributed so much to this fine and eclectic community.  Happy Founders week one and all.

  2. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain January 29, 2011

    Goodness! Meant days ago to say something here to second Miss Breezy’s sentiment!  

    Here here and lift a frothy mug to our beloved founders and those who have come after.  Without them, well, not only would some of us have never met but certainly we wouldn’t share that common, steamy bond that is New Babbage.  Ours is a rare city, an iron-and-soot testiment to a past that never was and yet we exist in day-in and day-out.  Without our founders long ago deciding that New Babbage was a vision worth sharing and making a reality..well…do I even need to say it?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you :)


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