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Guy Fawks Night Canal Front Fire Works display – Saturday 5th of November

Guy Fawks Night Canal Front Fire Works display – Saturday 5th of November

Fireworks will commence by the Old Imperial Theatre in Babbage Square at 4pm SLT, late for eurozoners but early for over the pond. Event lenghth approx 1 hour. ALL WELCOME. Friendly chat and drinks in the Absinthe Cafe!

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    • Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh November 5, 2011

      Loki alwhys puts on gryte show!

      ((Added historical note:  First link at 1:06 is the only known film record of The Babbage Cuckoos, having a stare-down with Jimmy.))


      • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk November 5, 2011

        oooh, that is who those are, i thought they hadn’t rezed for the camera, but now that you mention it, that was just what they looked like. you’ll also see Ordinal Malaprop sitting on the end of the bridge at 2:00, and Gatsby’s clocktower before it was moved to Palisades. i was up on my roof, out of the camera frame.

        in the second one, there’s poor old Alexx Aeon standing next to Beq, and Avariel as a lapine,  Squire Malus looking quite young and naive compared to his current adventures, and a very rare sighting of Bela Lubezki at 1:28. Fun stuff.

        • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 5, 2011

          Ahh yes… The bunny years…

  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs November 5, 2011

    Somehow, I always end up missing this… *sigh*

    • Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska November 5, 2011

      WTH, I am taking my Aetheric Wave Collector to my Sabbatical Job, even tho it do get a tad busy around that time, I plan on stopping in. Hope I doan get flour and marinara sauce on my galvanic device.

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