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dear little diary,

doctor mason the scientist gave me quite a sound telling off!… i do feel sorrowful indeed… only the odd thing is, he was rather more annoyed that i threw an awful lot of my magickal things into the sea, moreso than with me breaking his reality enforcement bracelet!, nor of kane sacrificing himself to save me and gillhooly!… i shall never understand grownups at all!… and then he startled me even more when he said, to think he had almost lost his soul to save me from underby!… o, what is one to make of that?… i rather do not know….

anyway, he told me to go and gather together as many of the magickal trinkets as i hadn’t ruined or thrown into ocean, and to keep them safe!, and think for a terribly long time about what it was i was throwing away as a student too!  …shouting at me in quite a cross voice to go and be chaotic somewhere away from him, and then i felt bashful and ashamed without really understanding why…

so i wrote doctor mason a nice letter, saying thanks awfully for nearly sacrificing your soul to underby, and i am terribly sorry for being rather a foolish and spoilt child, and please do try to fix kane!, for kane is awfully nice and we miss him terribly… and i slipped it under his door, and ran away, rather quickly

o, speaking of underby… he is returned, by the by!… and not even a word while he was vanished to say he was quite alright and that i needn’t fret!.. honestly, ugh!… and now he is going to visit the mayor every day, and wishing him well, for the mayor is sick and needs looking after.. so perhaps underby is doing some good in the world, even if he is woefully neglectful of those who fret about him.

then i went to the cocoajava for a restorative cup of tea, to feel rather better about everything, and lots of lovely people dropped by!… professor helio said he should like me very much to break his reality enforcement bracelet as well, so he may appear just as he looked before (rather than quite ordinary looking, now, though still charming of course). so i shall have to put my mind to that… i do seem to have rather a talent for breaking things!… and dear scald tells me his father is trying to help as well… o, i know! perhaps we may confuse it!, by telling it, “goodness, everyone has their own reality really, don’t they?…” and then it shall fizzle out in exhaustion at trying to keep up with everyone’s different realities or something.

and then i came back to the theatre and no-one was there, so i did as doctor mason told me, and gathered together as many of the mysterious things out of my satchel as i hadn’t tossed into the waves.. and i was rather glad i did, for there were many precious treasures folk had given me!…

there in my satchel was a beautiful goblet from skyler’s friend the merboy… and my dolly that looks just like mara … and a dear little locket with a music box inside … so many presents from lots of lovely folk, and so much to be awfully grateful for… not the least of which was rather a precious book about magickal things a nice lady once gave me at strider’s cafe… i was awfully glad not to have thrown those away!

o, and miss maggie is about! .. and i gossiped with caspian and he gave me lots of comforting advice… o, and gilly promises me we shall stow away on an airship to cala mondrago and to seraph city, and have lots of adventures soon!

and i know doctor mason shall try his hardest to make kane quite alright again… so perhaps the future does not look quite so bad as it did a little while ago.

lo :)

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  1. Booger Sonnerstein Booger Sonnerstein May 10, 2011

    ::Scald clapped gleefully. So many things he wanted to talk with his new friend Lo about and learn about her!::

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