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Grand Re-Opening of Clockwork Music

I am pleased to announce the grand re-opening of Clockwork Music, on Rampart Road in the Academy of Industry.  The shop is now housed in a gothic chapel, the soaring vaulted ceiling offering excellent acoustics.  My former residence has been removed from the premises, allowing the space to be used exclusively for the display and sale of the Clockwork Music music boxes and their music discs.

And I have a new line of music boxes.

The Music Box 4 is a 5-octave instrument with a 6-disc changer, allowing the user to load 6 songs into the device and to play each individually or all sequentially, interrupted only by the automated disc changing operation and a few quick turns of the crank (also automated) to rewind the spring.  One great advantage of the changer mechanism is that a disc can be loaded into a changer position while another disc is playing.  This means that if the operator is attentive and replaces each disc—as soon as it finishes playing—with another from the disc bin, the music could continue playing for hours, one song after another, with only minor pauses between discs.  The Music Box 4 is available in 3 styles:  “Belfry”, “Nouveau” and “Desktop”.

I also have new music disc collections. 

Two volumes of Gilbert and Sullivan opera overtures are now available on 5-octave music discs.  (I could see “Pirates of Penzance” and “H.M.S. Pinafore” striking a chord, so to speak, with Babbagers, but “Ruddigore” might be my personal favorite.) These overtures are quite long, requiring 2 or 3 discs for each, but with the new disc changer mechanism, changing from one disc to the next causes only a minor pause in the musical performance.  A collection of Japanese songs and one of Spanish dances (Danzas Españolas) by Enrique Granados are also newly available. 

I hope you will all take a moment or two to visit the new shop, try out the new music boxes, and listen to some of the newly available music.  If you read the information card and view the demonstration videos for the new music boxes, they should be fairly easy to operate.

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Your humble servant, 

MacKnight Culdesac

Clockwork Music


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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse March 5, 2012

    Your music boxes are wonderful.

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