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Go-Devil Canal Race!



Save the date!

On Saturday, January 26th, from 1:00 – 3:00 SLT, the Gangplank will sponsor a Go-Devil race on the frozen canals of New Babbage.  Afterward there will be a party to celebrate.

Prizes are:  1st Place – L$2,500; 2nd Place – L$1,000; 3rd Place – L$500 and free drinks.  (Depending on who you are, 3rd place might not be so bad a proposition…)

Blackberry Harvey will provide musical entertainment at the after party!

More info coming soon, including:

  • where to purchase a Go-Devil
  • the course

Go-Devils, if you aren’t familiar with them, are immensely fun snowmobile-like conveyances made by Kimika Ying of Ying Industries. Free Go-Devils will be available the day of the race for anyone who would like to participate, courtesy of Kimika.

Be sure to ask our resident Pro Racer, Emerson Lighthouse, for racing tips!



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