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Gizzy’s DIary; Back in Babbage and no more employer

So, I got back to Babbage after finishing all that business for Mr. Footman with the Antarctic automotons.  Had a too breif stay in Brunell Hall since my airship crashed, I heard about Star’s madness (but hadn’t talked to her really yet, now I here she’s fne, so Yay! *confetti*) and found out Grendel’s gone! 

The factory’s all abandoned and boarded up, and it was a  big mess.  I got talking to the Badger (once I caught him) and he hadn’t seen Mr. F for awhile, but said the doors were all blown off and one of the eel tanks was shattered!  I got a bunch of the pengi and we worked on cleaning up the place, setting the furniture back to rights, cleaning the blood and the serum, and the wierd circle.  We had it all cleaned up, but then a few days later, I came back and there were pages all over! they looked lke from one of his books with stuff scrawled all over them about ‘Kadath’ and ‘black gates’.  I cleaned them up but they were back the next day.

I also chased off a dinosaur in a suit who’s been squatting there like a rat, he just yelled at me about mammal conspiracies and ran off.

This city hasn’t gotten any less wierd since I’ve been away.


((actually meant to post this awhile ago, but I got lazy, and Grendel added stuff to the factory))

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 29, 2010

    You are always welcome at the Clockhaven power station, we could do with an automaton with your capabilities to improve security and help with the maintenance of the station.

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