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Gilhooly and Underby chatting

Mister U ‘ad a special…. er, I mean, we was jus’ chattin’ last night.  nuffin’ else.


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  1. Mr Underby Mr Underby August 27, 2010


    Mr. Underby: Gil, my little friend, I am overjoyed to see you!

    Gilhooly Skute rubs his tail a bit… “be ye?”

    Mr. Underby: Of course, I always am. You and I go way back, eh? Mmm?

    Gilhooly Skute cringes a little at the memories, “er, aye… guess I still owe ye fer takin’ me in wif me busted leg…”

    Mr. Underby: Yes.

    Mr. Underby looks closely

    Mr. Underby: You never did finish that apprenticeship.

    Gilhooly Skute: strewth that

    Mr. Underby: Yes.  Yes of course.  Oh, Gil… I wonder…

    Mr. Underby: I have been looking for something, to finish a collection of mine…  I wonder if you might be able to help me.

    Gilhooly Skute: aye mister U! bet I can find anythin’ in town, I can

    Mr. Underby: Let me tell you about my collection…  As you probably know, I love this town very dearly.

    Gilhooly Skute scritches his ear and nods a bit

    Mr. Underby: So dearly in fact, that some people thought I loved it so much that I was trying to take it over! As ludicrous as that is to imagine.  I simply love this city.  That is why I give advice to Mr Tenk so often… to better the city I love.  Well, then…  It goes without saying that what I would choose to collect, as an innocent hobby you understand, is pieces of this city, mementoes…  things like bricks… cobbles… perhaps some drift wood…  Maggie’s hat…  I still have not been able to track down one of those knives.  Can you imagine?

    Gilhooly Skute ticks things off on his fingers…. bricks, cobbles, driftwood, coins…. ‘ankies even… an’ mister ‘Ooves got cupboard full o’ those knives… but Maggie’s ‘at?

      Mr. Underby: Ah, forget the hat, it was just a whimsey… How many knives did you say?

    Gilhooly Skute: knives? oh… could get free or so I reckon

    Mr. Underby: Oh, I would only need one for the collection.  You think you could help me with that Gil?

    Gilhooly Skute: aye… ‘ankies from ‘oo was it?

    Mr. Underby: Sorry, what? I didn’t catch that.  Oh hankies. Forget the hankies.  I just need that knife.  And we’ll call it square, eh?

    Gilhooly Skute: no ‘ankies then… jes bricks, cobbles, driftwood, coins, knife.  ye gonna make a diorama?

    Mr. Underby: Yes, exactly that.

    Gilhooly Skute nods “aye then… can do that, mister U… ye’ll ‘ave by the weekend”

    Mr. Underby frowns

    Mr. Underby: I need it tonight.

    Gilhooly Skute: to… tonight?

    Mr. Underby: Yes.  I’m on a deadline.

    Gilhooly Skute nods, “alright mister U…. tonight then”

    Mr. Underby smiles a hideous smile

    Mr. Underby: Ah, very good!

    Gilhooly Skute winces a little at the smile but nods

    Mr. Underby: Oh, and don’t tell anyone about this… I get embarrassed easily.

     Gilhooly Skute: embar… don’t worry mister U, nobody’ll even see me

     Mr. Underby: Very good. I knew you would be the best person to speak to about this.

    Gilhooly Skute smiles and puffs up his chest, “bonny brave Gil’ooly, that’s me”

    Mr. Underby: Yes, exactly.  I shall be very pleaseed with you when you bring me … what I want.

    Gilhooly Skute: right, then, off I go

    Mr. Underby: Good day young lad.

    Gilhooly Skute: ta ra!


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