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getting back to business

dockside johnny stood in the lea if a wall watching a line of rich looking foreigners disembark from a small liner at New Babbage docks when he heard a voice whisper behind him ” cor now dont that look like a rich bunch o’ pidgins”

johnny turned with a start and backed against the wall”ah Mr Omig what brings you around here?’

the wolf grinned, and johnny thought for sure he was dead “why point o’ fact johnny it’s yerself what brings me ere,seems the boss ain’t got no cut from you in a couple weeks now, so she sent me to see if yer was in good health,and to see if yer was going to remain that way”

the footpad looked right and left but saw to avenue of escape “well sir i aint been havin a good time of it ye see, been sick i ave,was still fevered an shakin last night i was”

omig shook his head ” aw johnny were it the fever, or the beer ye was drinkin at the bucket last night what gave yer the shakes,and dont say yer wernt there, for i was and saw yer as plain as day”

the little theif palled ” i were just there te see if the beer might help with the fever honest”

Omig grinned again “johnny yer aint got an onest bone in yer whole body, but i’ll give yer the doubt, show me yer ands, show me ow there shakin”

johnny stuck out his hands and Omig moved, his left paw covered the smaller mans face while his right grabbed johnny’s left middle finger and dislocated it with a deft shake while johnny screamed out his agony into omigs palm,.

“well yer ands arnt half shakin are they” the Moreau said as his victim slid whimpering down the wall,

 omig planted his foot on johnny’s chest’ now listen close in view of yer illness i’ll let the money owed go fer now, but ye’d best not miss another payment, yer got that?” johnny nodded ” al right Johnny off yer go , and tell the others whats owes the boss, that just because the militias watchin don’t mean yer gettin out of payen yer shares, now if you will excuse me, looks like my watchdogs have finally caught up, have te run good day te yea.

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin February 5, 2015

    There was no movement until not only the wolf moreau and his followers had left but also the wimpering Johnny. Then from between two crates a small figure emerged, looked around and scampered off.

    A little later the corner of a tent flap was raised, a small head poked in, and a high pitched voice declared “The new un’s are at it again!”

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