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Mornington sat in his hotel’s irish bar scratching the skin above his knee…feeling that the hair of his now true shaped legs was starting to spread up to his thigh…and he started to worry.

The next day, Charlie, Morningtons “get stuff” man appeared at the back entrance of Brunel and worked his way along the long corridors to meet up with Mornington at the bar.

“So Vic…you need me for something?”

Mornington put his leg on the table and rolled up his trousers, showing Charlie the extent to which the familys genetic trait was spreading…Charlie looked slightly shocked that it had spread so far.

“You’ve tried everything?”

Mornington nodded…

“Everything…even sitting in that old cold lab in Clockhaven…heck, i hoped this might have been some kind of magic thing afterall…its not though…its genetics.”

Charlie looked grim…

“So vic…what’s the plan?”

“You know what to do Charlie…we had to do it in the Shetlands when i lived there”

Charlie nodded…

“Two pints?”

“Yeah, two pints…and make sure the blood is from a pedigree dog, it has to be a pedigree..go to Steelhead or Caledon if ya cant find pedigree’s in Babbage”

Mornington tossed Charlie a key to his new log cabin in Steelhead St Helens.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh a little base to go dog hunting from?”

Mornington grinned and nodded.

Three days passed, three days of itching and scratching…until finally Charlie appeared at the home of Mornington at the far end of academy, carrying a large glass bottle shrouded in a hessian sack bag.

“Where did you get it charlie?”

“Caledon…pedigree Labrador, the dog is still alive, although it did look a bit peeky when he came round, he’ll be fine though.”

Mornington took the bottle, payed Charlie and thanked him…charlie then silently walked out of the door and into the shadows of New Babbage.  He sat there…looking at the bottle for an hour…swirling its contents around in the bottle.

“First time for almost half a century” he said to himself…as he took the stopper off the top of the bottle and drank the contents in one go…

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein August 13, 2011

    My goodness! Certainly don’t see enough of that private life of the intriguing Mr. Mornington. I really should visit more.

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