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Gallery Exhibit- “Snow Storm – A Winter in New Babbage”

The White Rabbit Gallery, located in Clockhaven, is proud to annouce a new show that has just been hung on our walls. Mr Victor1st Mornington, well known portrait photographer (but not a time lord) has graciously agreed to show some of his works regarding the scenes and architecture of our fair city. Beautiful snowy scenes of some of your favorite spots – do come over and see them, and while you’re here, you can enjoy a cup of cocoa and some cookies on the patio while dancing or just enjoying the sunset. Of course, the restaurant is open for your dining pleasure as well. If you’re sharp (or at all inclined to do so) you can hunt for the mistletoe and lure someone underneath it. Tis the season!


(please contact Mr Mornington if you would like to present one of his prints as a gift to one of your favorite Babbagers. He will send it promptly… yesterday even if you like! Not really sure HOW he does that exactly… )

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