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Funeral for the young chimney sweep

for my first day in New Babbage I was late to meet Brother Lapis for the funeral of a young chimney sweep. It is much busier here than home. I hope I make no more mistakes.

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  1. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis May 31, 2014

    Elilka Sieyes: Sweeping can be a dangerous profession, I fear. I believe Doctor Kaligawa concluded it to be a very swift death. That is, largely painless.
    Elina Koskinen: Ah, hello there.
    Brother Lapis: Good even.
    Aleph Oreo  whispers: Thank heaven for small favors
    Wolf Charlan nods to Danny
    Daniel Regenbogen nods back
    Aleph Oreo pokes Emma  and whispers “Take off your hat.”
    Emma Walsh : Oh!
    Aleph Oreo  whispers: Hello Taylor, glad you could make it.
    Wolf Charlan shuffles feet
    Roman Chronometrist: * looks glum & sad *
    Brother Lapis: Gentlemen.
    Muggins whispers: hallo Aleph

    Brother Lapis: Did the deceased have any family? Let them come forward.
    Elina Koskinen: He doesn’t have any family unfortunately. Nobody seems to know him.
    Loki Eliot: least he gets a burial
    Brother Lapis: I see.
    Aleph Oreo  whispers: He could be any of us
    Brother Lapis: Then he has a patron that has provided for him?
    Wolf Charlan whispers: I wonder where he lived?
    Miss Nev: Don’t think he had any…at least nobody to tell us what to do with all his brushes and all that.
    Elina Koskinen: Yes, I am glad to see there are so many of you representing the sweeps and other workers.
    Aleph Oreo  shuffles awkwardly
    Miss Nev: Otherwise we’d, you know, have a bit of a whip round.
    Loki Eliot: whip round?
    Loki Eliot looks concerned
    Aleph Oreo is glad he didn’t have to ask
    Elina Koskinen: A collection of money, I think….
    Miss Nev: You know…for the family. If he had a family.
    Loki Eliot: oh money, oh ok
    Brother Lapis: Father Moonwall sends his condolences. He …is not well.
    Wolf Charlan breaths a sigh of relief as he was thinking of something else
    Aleph Oreo checks his pockets for the scant coins left after his wages pay for gruel and flop space, wondering he’ll be asked to make a donation.
    Myrtil Igaly waves quietly to everyone
    Richardus Raymaker: you have money aleph. hi

    Jimmy Branagh: Hoy awl in this dreadful hour ..
    Wolf Charlan waves back
    Loki Eliot: i know you two dont i?
    Jimmy Branagh: No. Not at awl.
    Jimmy Branagh chuckles
    Roman Chronometrist: * waves fingers at Myrtil *
    Loki Eliot: oh, you look familiar
    Myrtil Igaly: Loki! It’s us!
    Aleph Oreo sees the two sweeps arrive
    Loki Eliot: OH! oh i didnt recognise cos you all blacked up
    Jimmy Branagh: Well we thought we’d honor th’ poor deceased
    Myrtil Igaly: We are wearing our chimney sweep outfits in honor of the poor lad
    Myrtil Igaly: yes that
    Loki Eliot feels overdressed

    Brother Lapis: Let us remember this brave child of the Builder
    Aleph Oreo bows his head
    Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s th’ Builder’s kid?
    Darren: sniffels
    Brother Lapis: Who risked his own life and limb
    Myrtil Igaly whispers : “We’re all his kids for the Church”
    Brother Lapis: And ultimately, Lost both
    Miss Nev  looks down at the cobbles.
    Myrtil Igaly: “I think”
    Loki Eliot: the bell tolls
    Brother Lapis: That we might be warm in the safety of our homes.
    Elilka Sieyes nods sadly.
    Aleph Oreo tries to hold back the tears
    Brother Lapis: Who in this great city can forget the ravages of fire?
    Ethan Paderborn listens quietly
    Jimmy Branagh glances at Loki’s torch
    Myrtil Igaly glances at Loki’s torch
    Brother Lapis: And if not for these brave, often nameless, hardworking children,
    Aleph Oreo gulps
    Brother Lapis: We might again be engulfed by another conflagration
    Ethan Paderborn looks up “conflagration”
    Emma Walsh: Conflugeration?
    Roman Chronometrist: * gets goosebumps *
    Brother Lapis: So easily prevented by the tireless efforts of these tireless young people.
    Wolf Charlan wipes some dirt from his eyes
    Brother Lapis: For it must fall to children to properly clean a chimney, as we all know.
    Wolf Charlan shrugs
    Roman Chronometrist: It’s a fire, silly.
    Darren: wishes he had studied English
    Brother Lapis: For adults are too large to climb through the stacks, and brushes and poles do not do an adequate job, as we all know.
    Myrtil Igaly whispers to Jimmy : “That guy was an adult wasn’t he?”
    Brother Lapis: This poor child has paid the ultimate dues to his City, and we will honor him.
    Brother Lapis nods to the undertaker’s men.
    Emma Walsh wonders if the Mayor has a cousin who is the ‘Chimey Sweep’
    Elina Koskinen looks away, looking slightly moved

    Miss Nev: Maybe you two would like to give us a hand to shift him…erm I mean lower the coffin.
    Brother Lapis makes the sign of the Hammer
    Miss Nev: What with being sweeps and all.
    Myrtil Igaly: Oh… Sure
    Jimmy Branagh: Awlroight then
    Myrtil Igaly puts her brush down
    Jimmy Branagh: Say when!
    Elina Koskinen gives a helping hand
    Brother Lapis: Is there none that knew this boy’s name?
    Elina Koskinen: None.
    Miss Nev lifts with a bit of a groan.
    Jimmy Branagh: Oy dun think so
    Myrtil Igaly: Not I, we went to see him at the mortuary…
    Loki Eliot: thats really sad
    Aleph Oreo hopes the clean streaks in the dirt on his face won’t be too obvious.

    Elina Koskinen: Alright, let’s move this now. One two three…
    Myrtil Igaly lifts
    Jimmy Branagh grunts
    Myrtil Igaly: How do we get him down?
    Miss Nev: just let the rope out a bit…
    Brother Lucius gives Brother Lapis an apologetic look
    Brother Lapis nods to Brother Lucius
    Myrtil Igaly: And there he goes…
    Aleph Oreo gulps
    Jimmy Branagh wipes his forehead, smearing soot all over
    Ethan Paderborn cries
    Myrtil Igaly stares at the hole
    Brother Lapis: Easy now. Show some respect for the dead.
    Elina Koskinen nods silently
    Miss Nev (neville.smedley) bows a bit over the grave.
    Wolf Charlan shudders as he hears the coffin hit the earth
    Brother Lucius  lowers his head
    Jimmy Branagh throws in a twopenny

    Hyper-Flute Composer Edition v3 (HUD1-Upper): Playing Score ‘Title : Si Un Jour by Gueseppe Verdi, Transcribed by Tepic Harlequin’

    Jimmy Branagh: ‘Thet’s faw th’ ride, fella”
    Aleph Oreo  feels the lump in his throat
    Brother Lucius : the music is beautiful
    Brother Lapis: Those who would offer grave tribute, let them come forward now.
    Myrtil Igaly takes her cap off
    Roman Chronometrist: * throws in a battered carnation *
    Brother Lapis looks around
    Aleph Oreo  tosses in a boot black’s brush
    Darren  cries
    Aleph Oreo  whispers: It’s a safer trade
    Brother Lapis: Great Builder, our Father and Teacher. We commend this soul to your keeping. Q.E.D.
    Brother Lucius makes the sign of the hammer
    Brother Lapis throws in a handful of dirt and nods to the undertaker’s men.

    Hyper-Flute Composer Edition v3 (HUD1-Upper): Playing Score ‘Title : Abide With Me – Melody, Transcribed by Tepic Harlequin’

    Miss Nev  begins to shovel dirt over the coffin.
    Jon Chen : Dreadful business, all of it… But it’s over now, i am sure…
    Elilka Sieyes nods. “Quite so.”
    Brother Lapis brushes the dirt from his hands.
    Myrtil Igaly sighs slightly, moved by Tepic’s music

    Roman Chronometrist: coulda been any of us
    Jon Chen: A simple accident, could happen to any of us, really…
    Jon Chen: Yeah…
    Aleph Oreo nods at Roman’s words
    Jimmy Branagh thinks to himself “But was it?”
    Wolf Charlan nods in agreement
    Brother Lucius (hermanstermon): How did the young Chimney sweep die, I’m sorry I was late?

    Hyper-Flute Composer Edition v3 (HUD1-Upper): Playing Score ‘Amazing Grace… (Transcribed for Hyper-Flute by Robbie Dingo)’

    Jon Chen (jonchen): He fell, I think…
    Myrtil Igaly: He fell off the Free Clinic’s roof Brother.
    Jon Chen (jonchen): Very tragic….
    Brother Lucius (hermanstermon): gracious
    Brother Lucius (hermanstermon) makes the sign of the hammer
    Miss Nev (neville.smedley) puts a bit more strength into shovelling, and pats the earth down respectfully
    Miss Nev  whispers “bad luck, poor sod”
    Darren: poor boy :(
    Myrtil Igaly: Although there was some oil spread on that roof…
    Brother Lapis looks over his shoulder
    Jon Chen: Oil?
    Myrtil Igaly nods and turns to Jimmy : “You saw it too, right?”
    Elina Koskinen: How did that get there, I wonder….
    Jimmy Branagh: Yeh, a rather large patch
    Brother Lapis: Who did that? It could catch a spark and ignite.
    Jon Chen: ‘s probably to keep off the rain..
    Jimmy Branagh: Oy dunno ‘ow ‘ee coulda missed it.
    Loki Eliot: whaty kinda oil?
    Darren: or on purpose
    Ethan Paderborn: This may be a job for Mr. Holmes and Mr. Watson
    Brother Lucius: would tar not work better than oil for weather-proofing?

    Hyper-Flute Composer Edition v3 (HUD1-Upper): Playing Score ‘Title : Green Leaves of Summer, Transcribed by Tepic Harlequin’

    Elina Koskinen: Hmm.
    Myrtil Igaly shrugs : “not sure, some kind of oil…”
    Miss Nev looks round.
    Jon Chen: Yeah, prolly, but if you’re cheap….
    Elina Koskinen: Perhaps…
    Myrtil Igaly: Was just a patch above where he fell too…
    Loki Eliot: olive oil?
    Elina Koskinen looks thoughtful…
    Jon Chen: yeah…seems a bit odd… maybe
    Darren: perhaps it was put there to catch somebody else
    Myrtil Igaly: Another Chimney Sweep?
    Darren: not a poor sweeper boy
    Jon Chen: Or maybe, it’s all just…wotsit…misadventure…
    Brother Lapis: I did not realize the profession was that competitive.
    Miss Nev: I should say…thanks to all you sweeps an urchins for helping bury this bloke. Does a bit of good to know there’s honour in the trade.
    Jon Chen: These things do happen, after all…sad though they may be…
    Jimmy Branagh: Or maybee ‘ee wos offed then tossed and the oil’s got nuffin’ ta do wit’ it
    Myrtil Igaly looks shocked : “We would never do that Brother!”
    Miss Nev: Didn’t want to put him in a pauper’s grave with nobody at his funeral…now he’s had a proper send-off, whoever he was.
    Jon Chen: And we don’t even know his name….
    Myrtil Igaly nods, glancing at the freshly filled grave
    Jimmy Branagh: Gonna put a marker up?
    Brother Lucius: and respectful showing
    Elina Koskinen: Thank you all for coming. Perhaps we could gather some money for a headstone together …
    Loki Eliot: so sad

    Hyper-Flute Composer Edition v3 (HUD1-Upper): Playing Score ‘Title : Last Post, Transcribed by Tepic Harlequin’

    Jon Chen: it is….
    Brother Lapis clears his throat.
    Brother Lucius finds himself moved by the music
    Myrtil Igaly glances curiously at the lady a bit back in the alley
    Brother Lapis: I’m certain the generous sponsor will not fail to make a donation to the Church for the services. Good even. May you find comfort in work.
    Elina Koskinen: Thank you Brother.

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