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From the Journal of Madame Xyntha Blackheart

September 17th, 18XX

“After having breakfast and checking on the plant samples I gathered yesterday outside the palisade walls with my room companion, Professor Stillwater paid me a visit at my hotel room and asked if I would accompany him to investigate Footman’s Industries for evidence on what transpired there a few days ago when I came upon the scene and written down my account. My roommate had left earlier to run a few errands and buy some more clothing for herself and any more of both her and I’s clothing, we will need to purchase a second armoire. Gathering a few things from it just in case we find any remaining evidence, as well as making sure I had my cane, we left Brunel’s and walked to the Canal District.

The daily smog and heaviness in the air which was always common in New Babbage made seeing things in the distant all that more bothersome and soon found ourselves at our destination. The place was boarded up preventing our entry but upon closer look it appeared as if a board was left loose on purpose, so we entered to investigate and found things were restored leaving anything on the first floor moot to aid us in what could be found. As we headed upstairs to the second floor, the arcane symbol was gone as expected it would be by whomever cleaned the place up. However the bloodstain upon the floor was still mostly there and dry. I gathered a sample of the dried blood by wetting a cloth from my pocket and wiping the floor with it before placing it into a glass beaker and placing it back into my pocket.

Professor Stillwater and I spoke about the strange yellow glowing substance I had witnessed the other day and he was rather upset and shaken by what I had told him. After several moments of conversing on what it could be and theories of what had happened at Footman’s Industries, we left and I headed back to my hotel room to ponder this new information and start preparing the remedy my roommate needed to take daily.” 

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    • Fono Heninga Fono Heninga September 18, 2010

      That sounds like a potential religious motto. “The Badger Works Fast.” :D

  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman September 18, 2010

    don’t let him hear you say that!

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