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Fred and Friend

The gigantic air kraken that attacked the Brunel Hotel last year, affectionately known as Fred, descended on the Gangplank in Clockhaven over the weekend.  It appears that this year he brought some company.

I propose a song to mark this momentous occasion:

The itsy bitsy kraken

climbed up the public house

down came the alien to wipe the kraken out

out came the folks with all their sharpened knives


the itsy bitsy kraken…

well, it became pickles.

The end.

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One Comment

  1. Dee Wells Dee Wells August 13, 2012

    Joy is heard in the words you’ve said.

    But this rhyme floats now in my head:

    While Fred, it is said, is truly dead.

    His lyncher inspires equal dread… O.O

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