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Founders Week 2011



                                                               THE CITY OF NEW BABBAGE

                                                                   is pleased to announce

                                                                    F O U N D E R S’  W E E K

                                                                                 2 0 1 1


                                                       Celebrating The Founding of our City

                                                       and the many sooty wonders therein



                                                                    JANUARY 23-29, 2011

                                            ~~ FEATURING A VARIETY OF EVENTS ~~




January 23-29: Babbage Retrospective and Spirit of New Babbage Art Show (Curated by Serafina Puchkina)

:: Babbage Retrospective. From the pages of the New Babbage Cog Archive, the R.F. Burton Library has selected pictures from our fair sim’s beginning. Come and see photographs of early Babbage. Ooo and ahhh at the adventures and early builds. Burton Library, second floor.

:: Spirit of New Babbage. Featuring works of Babbage’s residents and enthusiasts interpreting the essence of our Fair City. Burton Library, first floor.

** Builders: create an indoor art object that captures the essence of New Babbage. Size limit: no larger than 4x4x4M. 10 prim limit. Deliver to Miss Puchkina by January 22. The first eight submissions will be displayed. L$2000 to Best In Show, as judged by a panel of Founders.

January 23-29: Balloon/Airship Build Contest (Coordinated by Breezy Carver)

:: Contribute your idea for the most original, functional, and elegant vehicle for the modern airshipman. Prizes for the winners will be awarded at the Airshipman’s Ball.

January 24: Ice Skating and Snowball Skirmish (Courtesy of Elleon Bergamasco)

:: Like Hell, Clockhaven Harbor almost never freezes over! But IF IT DOES (wink wink), come join your friends for a chilly afternoon of snowball fights and ice skating. Snowball throwers and skates – as well as hot drinks – will be available at the White Rabbit.

January 26: Fireworks over Le Canal Django (Courtesy of Loki Eliot)

:: Master Eliot’s stunning combustible stylings are a standard of Founders Week. Time TBD.

January 29 – 2PM SLT: 3rd Annual Airship Regatta – Over the Vernian (Coordinated by A.E. Cleanslate)

:: Time trials and competitive racing for airborne vehicles and their daring pilots. See Regatta notecard for more information.

January 29 – 6PM-9PM SLT: Founders Week Ball (Hosted by Breezy Carver)

:: In honor of our fearless ancestors who dared to establish our City among the ashes of the Old Empire, join us as we dance the night away. Music by the Amazing Dj Bats, sponsored by House of RFYRE, BlackOpal, Curious Seamstress, and Hat Pins. Awards for the week’s build contest and Regatta will be announced.


All Founders Week events are free and open to the public. Contact Aeolus Cleanslate for questions or more information.

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