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Wulfriðe Blitzen

    Perhaps the same thing I’ve put on another site I maintain – a button with a direct link to how to join SL. And another beneath that with a Slurl for New Babbage so they can come and visit straight after. People will see Babbage and Steampunk and drift by out of curiosity, and Google will snag this site in some basic search trawls. Lets take advantage of this :)
    Also add a permalink at the top labeled something like “What is SL anyhow and how can I join you?” with instructions on how to activate a TP direct to New Babbage once they have created an avatar.#

    Another one to add is a link to Tenk’s stories as contributed by residents with broadcast samples perhaps.

    But yes, fleshing out at the top of the pages with widgets and other things to catch the eye would be helpful to passing traffic.