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Ceejay Writer

    Greetings and hallucinations! I’m Ceejay Writer. I originally moved to Babbage in 2008 and wow that’s a full decade ago. Wow. Okay, I need to sit down and feel old for a bit. *pause*  Okay, I feel better now. So, I stole a building from DreddPirateBob Streeter (aka The Stinkpot) in ’09 and converted it into the original CocoaJava. The CocoaJava is still around, in about it’s 6th incarnation, but it is still what it has always been intended to be, as the sign over the door in Babbage Canals reads, “A Writer’s Retreat ~ A Bohemian Rhapsody”.  The doors are never locked, mostly cause someone stole the doors last year and we can’t find them. :D After Summer hiatus, we’ll be returning to “Tall Tales and Outright Lies” in the CocoaJava every other Saturday night 6:30-8:00slt. Meantime, the place welcomes everyone to hang out, RP, have your own events, or like Emerson, just drink.

    Side note – the girl behind the avi writes and publishes books that are inspired by New Babbage and its citizens. She’s the only Holuta on Amazon, so go hunt her up if so inclined.